Waffles. Recently somebody has told me that they taste best at the sea… It’s true – waffles at the Polish sea are a classic and one of its clearest tastes and smells. Just like everybody else, we’ve been eating them for years anytime we’re there and no stay at the sea counts without eating a huge waffle with whipped cream and your favorite topping. I used to eat waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, lately I’ve gone crazy for waffles with whipped cream and strawberries or blueberries! I will do anything for them – I will even ride my bike from Jastarnia to Jurata and back even though I wasn’t planning on riding a bike while pregnant 🙂 Łukasz fell in love with those less traditional ones. He loves delicious waffles with chocolate and cherry jam – amazing! You will find them in a lot of places, including a spot in Jurata, not far from the jetty (if you’re walking down the walkway, it’s the last booth on the right – our favorite waffles)…


But sometimes you’re in Warsaw and you suddenly feel the desire for waffles. What do you do then??? In Warsaw, waffles are different than those eaten at the sea – you get less colorful sprinkles for kids, low quality sauces. Instead, you can find nice mixtures of tastes, waffles made out of different kinds of dough, you can eat sweet or salty ones, for breakfast and for lunch. Warsaw waffles prove that it’s not just a dessert, but also a great snack or lunch alternative – I ate such lunch recently! 🙂 Where to go for WAFFLES? We have 4 perfect spots for that!!! 🙂


1) SKLEP Z GOFRAMI – Bartoszewicza 9 Street


Sklep z Goframi, gofry, gdzie na gofry w Warszawie, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie


I came across this place in the fall last year and I fell in love with it immediately! It’s a tiny place, but inside you will find waffles and huge jars with butterscotch in them. There are some classic options, such us whipped cream and strawberries, but you will find a lot of unique ideas here as well – butterscotch and bananas are my biggest love – home-made peanut butter with cherry jam on cocoa waffle! It tastes like heaven! That’s why I always come back! You can choose from salty options too. One of them is “sour Scandinavian”, which is sour milk, salmon, capers and dill, the other one is “so Mexican” with chili con carne, cream and jalapeno. Sounds like a good lunch, huh? 🙂 What’s more, when it comes to salty waffles, you can choose the kind of dough – wheat, whole-wheat or… potato. I think it would taste amazing with the salmon waffle! Watch out – here you can also eat gluten-free and vegan waffles! 🙂


Sklep z Goframi, gofry, gdzie na gofry w Warszawie, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie


2) GOFIARNIA – Puławska 11 Street (enter through Gowork)


gofry, gdzie na gofry w Warszawie, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie, Gofiarnia, gofry Mokotów, gofry słodkie i wytrawne


Our first time in Gofiarnia was two years ago and I sometimes visit this place when I’m around. Another tiny place (there are a few tables outside in the summer), where you can choose from sweet and salty waffles. There are a lot of kinds of dough too – vanilla or gingerbread included – and so on our first visit, we try both. Gingerbread waffle with mascaropne and caramel is great! The last time I was there, I ate Peściak, a salty waffle with tomatos, mozzarella and pesto – delicious! Perfect small lunch for when it’s so hot outside 🙂 Try it yourself!


gofry, gdzie na gofry w Warszawie, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie, Gofiarnia, gofry Mokotów, gofry słodkie i wytrawne, Peściak, gofr z pomidorami i mozzarellą


3) WAFF’LOVE – Senatorska 28 Street


gofry, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie, gdzie na gofra, gofry belgijskie, Waff'love


It’s a shame I haven’t been to Waff’love on Senatorska Street before writing this. I had heard about this place a looooooong time ago, but I could never find time for that trip. Waff’love is the opposite of other places in this post because it serves typical Belgian waffles. If you loved your waffles in Bruges or Brussels like we did, you will find them here! You can choose all your toppings yourself, but I chose a ready-made one called Coconut! Coconut cream, fruits (raspberries and strawberries), whipped cream and very delicious chocolate sauce. It’s a big dose of sweetness, I know! 🙂 It’s served on a butter or cinammon waffle (the latter is delicious!!!). I will definitely come back to try different options! In Waff’love they also serve their own ice cream, so if you feel like eating ice cream on a waffle, this is your best spot 🙂


4) MILANOVO BREAD WINE CAFE – Puławska 142 Streen (the corner of Woronicza)

gofry, Warszawa, gdzie na gofry, najlepsze gofry w Warszawie, Milanovo Bread Wine Cafe


Milanovo has given me a huge pleasure recently – they showed me that if waffles are well served, they become a perfect thing for breakfast, and not just for dessert or a snack. Such breakfast makes my day!!! When me and my friend went there for some lady talk, we chose waffles with Balkan yogurt and fruits and with yogurt, chocolate omelette and cherry jam. The one with the omelette stole my heart!!! 🙂 There are a lot of salty breakfast waffles and lunch waffles on the menu too! You can even get a waffle with meat balls, tomato sauce, basil and parmesan cheese! Milanovo looks great as well – there’s no doubt it’s the biggest waffle place in Warsaw and it’s beautifully arranged. You just don’t want to leave! PS. they serve a lot of different treats too, not just waffles. You can read my review of that place HERE.


What do you say? Waffles today to brighter your day or should we eat them on the weekend? 😉


PS. I’m waiting for Waffle Bar to re-open – I hope it joins this list soon 🙂