Since our first visit to Bangkok, Chinatown has remained out favourite spot in Thailand’s capital. When we’re here, we just can’t get enough of the flavours, fragrances and images since Chinatown is a real culinary paradise!.

In our pictures, you can find local street food – juicy pomegranates, young coconuts from which we voraciously drink the coconut water, seafood, wieners and meat fried on numerous street grills, sour lime juices, sweet and ripe mango with sticky rice that’s spiced up with sukiyaki sauce.. Despite that, we always had an impression that it’s not enough to show you the atmosphere of CHINATOWN the proper way. Therefore today, you’ll not only get the pictures, but also a video… 🙂


Treat it as a teaser trailer, an announcement of something new to come… 🙂 For us, the start of 2015 was better than we expected – we were included in the SILVER 10 of the most influential bloggers in Kominek’s aka. Jason Hunt’s ranking. Every blogger likes to be mentioned on this list. We’ve been planning something new for a while now, but after that we’ve got a serious energy boost! 2015, here we come!!! 🙂


And now, make yourselves comfortable, grab a snack and… enjoy the film 🙂 Tell us if you like it!


PS. Be sure to turn on full screen and HD 🙂

PS. Filming and editing of this video took as an hour… it’s more of a test of our new equipment 🙂