Drifts of snow are already gone! Monday in Warsaw may have been a bit snowy but it seems that our winter will end with its beautiful, snowy and mountainous face we’ve seen in Wierchomla. Why? Well, we’re not planning experiencing winter any more this year… Maybe a bit during a ski trip in March 🙂 But before that… if you’re thinking Friday is the judgement day, you’re right! 🙂 Let’s get back to the mountains, to Wierchomla and most of all – to Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort. It’s safe to say that we can thank them for our winter this year. If it wasn’t for the hotel’s invitation I would probably spend the time before Christmas on writing a report, packing bags and saying farewell to our friends… We weren’t looking for anywhere to go in the winter since we thought that there’s no point. I mean, we’re leaving any day now. Meanwhile, the trip found us and proved that it was WORTH it. It was worth getting up from the table after Christmas, going to the mountains, staying in a comfy desolation and enjoying winter and skiing.

Why is it a comfy desolation? Because on one hand, you have everything you need (a hotel, food, attractions for kids, the slope and peace), on the other there’s nothing that could make your stay tiring… No shops, no loud inns and for 5 days, we only moved on the hotel-slope-hotel route. There was no need to go anywhere else. Because in Wierchomla, we had everything we needed for winter fun.


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, skiing with kids, where to go skiing

amazing conditions – unfortunately, we only had sun for 1 day


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, where to go skiing, skiing with kids

just perfect


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, skiing with kids, where to go skiing

the most beautiful winter


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & Spa Resort, skiing, skiing with kids, where to go skiing in Poland

Łukasz is going skiing and I’m going for a sky ride with Maks to take some pictures



We went skiing on 27th December, right after Christmas feast ended and we stopped moving from one table to another and one couch to another. Hotel Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort is located in Wierchomla Mała, close to Piwniczna Zdrój, in Beskid Sądecki. Around 400-450 km from Warsaw depending on the route. The hotel is part of Dwie Doliny Muszyna – Wierchomla complex and is situated approx 800-900 metres from the Wierchomla chairlift – perfect if you want to focus on skiing. Perfect if you’re coming with a kid and share parent duties with your husband/wife – you don’t have to act like a nomad and sit in an inn on the slope with the kid. You can always go back to the hotel and play with him there / go to the kids’ club or go swimming. I also like the fact that hotel’s ski room is located right next to the slope. I guess I still remember the traumatic situation from 1995 when I was on my first winter trip and being 10 years old, had to carry my skis to the slope, almost breaking my legs in the ski boots. We put them on so there was less to carry.. Ski room is the thing! 😉


For us, the hotel had three major advantages:

1) amazing location – off the beaten track, close to the slope. We could take a 10 minute walk everyday in order to admire the beautiful nature around us (even though occasional cars driving by spoiled the idyllic atmosphere a little bit ;))

2) VERY children-friendly hotel and these always get some extra points 🙂 This one deserves quite a few extra points since Maks is already asking when are coming back to the mountains. There’s plenty of space to play, there’s a kids’ swimming pool, there’s ‘jacusja’ (in Maks’ dialect), there’s plenty to eat (even if you’re a picky 3-year-old).

3) swimming pool and Jacuzzi valued not only by Maks, but also by us



Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, skiing with kids, where to go skiing

some regional art in the hotel lobby


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, where to go skiing, skiing with kids

more of that vibe, please!


Wierchomla, Wierchmola Ski & Spa RESORT, where to go skiing, skiing with kids, skiing in Poland

lobby in Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort hotel


Club Wierchołka is yet another advantage for parents. A hotel kindergarten where you could leave your little one for a while between 9 am and 5 pm (kids over 3 can stay alone with a babysitter). This time, we did not leave Maks there since we wanted him too to enjoy winter, ride sleigh etc. But if you plan on skiing together, such opportunity may come in handy. There’s also swimming classes for kids a little bit older than Maks. Facilities for little ones include little beds, high chairs in the restaurant, tiny cutlery and a bunch of other things you are welcomed to ask for like a bathroom stool, a tiny bathtub or even an electronic nanny. For us, the swimming pool with shallow kids’ pool and ‘jacusia’ was definitely the biggest attraction along with kids’ menu – Maks ate all of his lunches happily which is not something usual. In the summer, there’s a playground in front of the hotel. This time we watched it from behind the window. I was amused by Kids Fun SPA in which little girls can have a colourful bath or be treated with a rainbow manicure. When I think about me being happy getting first perfume and other gadgets like that, I can understand how cool must that be. Be like your mom! 😉


Club Wierchołka, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, hotele w górach, hotel przyjazny dzieciom, hotel dla narciarzy

Club Wierchołka


Wierchomla Ski & SPA REsort

every kid will find something nice here


Our daily plan was quite similar throughout our stay in Wierchomla. And we didn’t mind it this time, even though we’re usually acting like restless spirits wanting to get more, better etc. Everyday routine and a kind of monotony can be a good thing as well. We started the day quite early with a generous breakfast. Is breakfast in Wierchomla any good? I say yes. There’s plenty to choose from – cold cuts, different types of cheese, vegetables, something warm (scrambled eggs, sausages, wieners), sometimes toasts, sometimes baked tomatoes. Kids can have cornflakes or pancakes and… waffles which I had every day. Another good thing about the breakfast buffet – we could make ourselves fresh juices from carrots, celery, apples etc. A healthy hit in the morning! After breakfast Łukasz was going skiing while we were heading for a walk on a snowy road.. on our feet or on a sleigh. Maks didn’t want to go skiing, even though we saw some toddlers learning to ski on the slope.. Maybe next year? 🙂


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA RESORT, skiing, where to go skiing

a walk to the slope


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, winter, skiing, where to go skiing, skiing with kids

I could go for such walks every day!


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & Spa Resort, skiing, skiing in Poland, skiing with kids

hotel seen in the distance – we’re coming back from sleigh and hot chocolate on the slope


Our son will happily walk 1 km on his own feet provided he is appropriately motivated. There were three essentials that motivated him here: winter and the opportunity to dig in the snow with a stick, hot chocolate on the slope and sweet KURTOSH – heard about those? 🙂 We remember them mostly from Prague and Plzen where they’re called trdelniks. The name KURTOSH comes from Hungary but they taste equally delicious, especially with vanilla sugar or cinnamon. I won’t be lying if I tell you that at least one kurtosh ended up in our room every day.


kurtosh, Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPa resort

Maks on his way to a kurtosh establishement


Sometimes, instead of a walk, we went for a ride on the chairlift. Maks loved watching the mountains from the air but it was definitely too cold on the way back – the whole trip took about 30 minutes which may be a challenge when the temperature drops to – 5 degrees! Fortunately, hot chocolate was always waiting for us at the foot of the lift :). After getting back to the hotel, we were having lunch together at the hotel restaurant called TYSINA. After that, I was going skiing and the boys enjoyed the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna (the older boy). Those who prefer active leisure can use exercise equipment and those who are into care can go to SPA and enjoy massages, peelings, face masks and other wonders.


jacuzzi, Wierchomla, Wierchmola Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, skiing with kids



How’s the food in Wierchomla? Don’t expect any culinary wonders in the hotel or around. It hurts to see huge signs reading KEBAB and TORTILLA on the bar front on the slope. My God, can’t we serve what’s regional and ours in the mountains? On the other hand, the food in the hotel is absolutely Polish Which is a good thing! Pork chop, sour-rye soup, beets, chicken soup, borscht with dumplings, steak tartare, pork loin with oscypek cheese. A few more interesting meals, some salads and pastas, even some vegetarian meals. We, however stuck to the Christmas spirit and enjoyed what’s Polish. Wierchomla works pretty good as a place serving Polish food, especially a la carte meals. I ate dumplings with blueberries and sour cream so many times! Delicious!

Dinner was served in the form of a smorgasbord. For me, the food for Maks was one of the best things about it and I think that it was his best trip when it comes to alimentation. Every day he could find something for himself in the buffet and the menu included plenty of kids’ meals at very attractive prices (PLN 5 for a soup, PLN 7-9 for main course). Tomato soup, chicken soup and meatballs in dark sauce with potatoes were Maks’ no.1 😉 For me, a buffet for dinner wasn’t the thing I dreamed of (yeah, I’m a picky one ;)) but I managed to find something every time.


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, where to go skiing, skiing, skiing with kids

Polish food after skiing


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, where to go skiing, skiing with kids

my favourite set: pork chop, potatoes and beets


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing with kids, skiing in Poland, children-friendly hotel

Maks’ favourite: meat balls with potatoes


The day I liked dinner the most, was when instead of the regular menu, we got local food inspired by Black Highlanders’ tradition. Lots of noodles similar to cepellinai (‘kluchy łomnicońskie’ made from grated potatoes but filled with cheese instead of meat), cabbage rolls with lamb and tomatoes, grated noodles with sauce, ‘steamers’ (steamed yeast buns) served with sweet sauce, little mushroom-like pancakes with jam and delicious pancakes with apples and cream – even Łukasz ate them!! It was the first time in 6 years I’ve seen him eat a pancake 😉

We welcomed New Year in Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort and stayed there until 1st January. It’s a pity that Maks’ grandma couldn’t come with us since I would use her help so I could welcome New Year skiing (the lift worked until 3 am on New Year’s Eve!). There was a fancy dinner combined with a ball in the hotel and little ones could go to a kids’ cotillion ball. Unfortunately our Maks wasn’t ready for a party alone just yet 😉 He preferred fun in the snow! That’s why we welcomed 2015 in the morning during a winter walk and Łukasz went skiing. Good start!


Wierchomla, Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort, skiing, skiing with kids, skiing in Poland

snow is the thing! 🙂


What can I say about Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort? It’s surely a great place if you’re going to the mountains and want to focus on skiing. Great if you’re travelling with a kid/kids. Same goes for apres ski activities such as swimming pool or a Jacuzzi. A solid and comfy 3 stars. It’s also good since there are no crowds like in Zakopane or Białka. At least in the Christmas-New Year period. That’s a major advantage! 🙂

We liked it 🙂



Wierchomla Ski & SPA Resort

Wierchomla Mała 42
33-350 Piwniczna Zdrój

tel.: (18) 414 31 30

(18) 414 31 31

(18) 414 33 33


e-mail: hotel@wierchomla.com.pl