Are there any places you miss much more than others? Places that will always have a special place in your heart since you left part of your heart there? Spain is such a place in my case. A place, where I spent my student exchange, a place where my friends lived who I flew to even after my student exchange adventure was over. A place, where I met lots of great people and where I spent even more fun time. What do I love Spain for? There’s so many reasons! 100, 200 or even 1000… but as it is Sunday and it’s hot like hell, I’ll give you 35 reasons to get back to Spain anytime. 35 things I love Spain for! Hopefully the list will become your 35 reasons to go to Spain and love it in case you haven’t been there yet 🙂


Why Spain? We just got back from Germany, right?! Because our friends went there lately and “made it hard” for us, by checking in some of my favourite places (Thanks!;l)), some other friends are going there any minute now. Because Asiaya spams on her Facebook profile with pictures from Spain for which I love and hate her at the same time ;). Because lately I had perfect Spanish tapas in Tapas Gastrobar and the memories lived again. I didn’t cry like my friend who tired tapas in Warsaw, but I wanted to be there again now.


What do I love Spain for?


1) For the joy of life


2) For tapas – for tortilla de patatas, crispy croquetas, patatas bravas with perfectly spiced sauce, eaten in Madrid from one plate


3) For churros con chocolate for breakfast – generously sprinkled with sugar and dipped in chocolate which is more like pudding than a drink and tastes perfect, especially on a cloudy Sunday in the Old Town in San Sebastian


4) For Basque pintxos – colourful, varied, put on plate in the preferred quantity and eaten standing since it’s so crowded in the bar that the cheerful crowd pours to the street… preferably washed down with sidra!


Spain, pintxos, San Sebastian, pintxos bar, Basque Country

pintxos in one of the bars in Donosti-San Sebastian

5) For pan amb tomaquet (bread with tomatoes) in Catalonia that constantly proves that a simple thing may be a delight and a flavour that you will want to get back to.


6) For Jamon Seranno sandwich, that I usually have to eat as soon as we land – simple again – a baguette, olive oil, ham or when you’re in Catalonia – baguette with mashed tomato spread, olive oil and ham.


7) For paella, eaten somewhere in the South, by the beach


8) For seafood – for squid rings (calamares fritos), that I love since I tried it there, for mussels and a huge selection of seafood in the North (from navajas to percebes)


9) For urban Madrid, which makes me wanna return each time I pay a visit. For tiny alleys close to Plaza Mayor, for big and small squares, for Museo del Prado and for Reina Sofia, for nightlife, for shopping on Gran Via and for Sundays in Retiro park.


Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Madrid, Spain, Retiro

10) For charming and mysterious villages in the North of Spain, somewhere in Galicia – like Combarro!


11) For simple food in such places – best grilled octopus ever!


12) For gems such as Cadaques


13) For San Sebastian – its 3 beautiful beaches, a postcard-like landscape and for Parte Vieja (Old Town), that is lively thanks to its bars – reportedly the bar concentration per square km is higher here than anywhere else!


Basque Country, Spain, San Sebastian, Donostia

one of the prettiest cities we have ever visited: San Sebastian

14) For Basque Country with different vibe, own traditions and amazing little white houses


15) For Andalusia, Sevilla and Granada


16) For Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias in Valencia


17) For Museo del Guggenheim in Bilbao, its Gran Via and Casco Viejo with tiny pintxos bars


Basque Country, little Basque towns

amazing Basque Country


Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, Valencia, Spain, Santiago Calatrava

Ciudad de las Artes i Ciencias autorstwa Santiago Calatravy w Valencii

18) For amazing cathedrals, not only in Santiago de Compostela


19) For street bars, somewhere on the corner, where you can drink café con leche (coffee with milk) or Cola Cao for breakfast!


20) For fiestas and street festivals since Spaniards can party like pros! Just go and see Semana Grande in the Basque Country, Tamborrada or Fallas in Valencia, la Tomatina, Pamplona… or anywhere else. See for yourself!

21) For city beaches, even though these are usually crowded


22) For empty beaches in the Basque country


La Concha, San Sebastian, Spain, Basque Country

La Concha in San Sebastian

23) For Spanish music…. For Chambao, Melendi, El Canto del Loco, El Desvan del Duende, for Joaquin Sabina, La Oreja de Van Gogh andPereza… and many, many more! Just listen to the linked songs – to make your week better! 🙂


24) For Spanish language, that I love to listen to


25) For the openness of people and for their smiles that are often missing at home


26) For smiles


27) For long, evening feasts with tapas and a bottle of wine/a jug of sangria


pimientos de padron, Tortilla, tapas, Spain

pimientos de padron and tortilla de patatas – for night and day nibbling

28) For sangria, even the Don Simon one sold in cartons that we used to buy for 1 euro in Lidl in times of my student exchange.


29) For “clara” – beer with Sprite served there long before anyone in Poland thought of it!


30) For red wine


31) For red wine profanation – tinto de verano (with Fanta) and kalimotxo ( with Cola)



una clara, Spain, Girona, beer

perfect for a summer day!

32) For zumo de naranja – best freshly squeezed orange juice, available in most bars


33) For the specific smell of Spanish streets – yes thy do smell funny! My friend will tell you more about it!


34) For Inditex – Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pull&Bear and Oysho… for all these shopes being on every street in Madrid or Barcelona with sales that are much more attractive than in Poland!


35) For everything else that I forgot about and what makes me wanna return every time! 🙂


Spain, Madrid, street bars

return and sit in the corner bar