Germany – that’s where we’re going to spend this week. We got here early morning on Sunday and we have plans to explore the Middle Rhine and its attractions until Friday or Saturday. Germany… so close and yet so undervalued. Germany is still one of the not so sexy destinations. For most people it means business trips or work, not a weekend destination or a place to go for vacation. When our friends heard that this time we’re going to Germany, they were a bit puzzled. “Why? What for?”. We have been trying to break this spell for a year now since we like to hop into our car and drive somewhere for a prolonged weekend or for a few days. Sometimes it’s Hungary, sometimes Czech Moravia, so why not Germany? The highways give us a chance to benefit from these attractions and therefore we search for things worth seeing! We already know that even if the Germans aRhine’t Spaniards, they sure know how to have fun on their street festivals.

We loved the atmosphere at Oktoberfest in Munich and we got enchanted by the Christmas Market in Dresden, Nurnberg or Berlin (check this out and REMEMBER about that while planning your December! :)). This time we decided to visit green and wine flowing Rhineland. It’s only been two days and we already know it was worth it!


Rudesheim, Rhineland, vineyards, wine,

a cooled Riesling on a hot summer day? Anybody?


Rudesheim, vineyards, Germany, wine, Rhineland, riesling

Rudesheim vineyards – perfect for an evening walk


Where did this idea come from? We already liked Rhineland and Rüdesheimon our first trip with Maks in 2011. A trip, on which we first thought about the blog and about writing about our travels and life tasting. Because when you spend a month travelling around Europe, you see so many amazing things, that you just have to share it with others! Germany was the first stop on our long trip that spanned 10 000 km and lasted from middle August to middle September 2011. A month full of amazing moments, flavours, beautiful places, one of the first months that Maks was spending with us. A month that we keep on remembering, that assured us that our “recently acquired” child was a good trip companion. We actually got to Germany a bit accidentally – our friends were living in Wiesbaden at the time and we wanted to visit them, not necessarily go sightseeing. We enjoyed local winefest, flavours of German street food like our beloved currywurst and we had a look around the neighbourhood.

Tiny and charming Rüdesheim was the place we loved the most on that very trip. Located by the Rhine river, with charming streets and characteristic houses built using timber framing technique. That’s why this time we chose Rüdesheim as a starting point to see Rhineland and the Moselle valley.



Rudesheim, Rhineland, Rhine, Germany

walking around town


Rudesheim, Rhineland, Middle Rhine, Germany, timber framing, wine

our hotel with a Polish twist


Rudesheim, Rhineland, Middle Rhine, vineyard, wine, Hotel Zum Gruner  Kranz

a view from our window in the morning – cheers you up, even after a sleepless night


There’s approx. 1130 km from Warsaw to Rüdesheim. From our experience it’s a route that you can do either in 7 or even 13 hours!! We suggest a night trip – we left Warsaw at 9 pm, Maks fell asleep on the first crossroads and we speeded along. In August 2011 we weRhine’t that smart. Then, we didn’t have to adjust the departure times to Maks since a 2.5 month old child sleeps most o the time anyway. We left Warsaw early morning and spent 13 hours in the car! A nightmare! Therefore we recommend night trips.

Rüdesheim welcomed us with amazing weather, picturesque houses and a hospitable Zum Grünen Kranz hotel ran by a Polish-German couple. A perfect location, both for walks around town and for trips to the Rhine river or local vineyards. Breakfasts, a restaurant, a wine shop and bikes for Rhinet were all present on location. I don’t know if it’s because of the “German precision” or the owners’ good will, but I don’t remember when I last rode a bike in such a good condition! I would be happy to take this one home with me! And believe me, I know what I’m talking about since we did more than 20 km on Monday!

We will write about the activities in Rudesheim later on… First we will take you on a walk through the vineyards and on a lift with a view of the city, Rhine and the vineyards too. 100% amazing.


Rudesheim, Mozelle valley, Rhineland, Rhine, Germany, vineyards, wine

amazing greenness of the surrounding hills


Rudesheim, Rhineland, Rhine, vineyards, wine, Germany

Maks seems to be enjoying himself – his first vineyard adventure


Rudesheim, Rhineland, Germany, Rhine, Niederwald,  vineyards

on the road up the hills where the Niedrwald monument commemorating the unification of Germany stands


Rhineland, Rudesheim, vineyards

a lift over Rudesheim


Rudesheim, Rhineland, vineyards, Rhine,

a trip back on a lift that we deserved after a long hike – great fun, not only for children


We spent whole Sunday on walking around town and visiting the vineyards. We also had a look at the riverside, where you can find some attractions for kids – a playground and an open air swimming pool. They’re not the newest, though and surprisingly, far from Warsaw’s playgrounds quality, but Maks was satisfied anyway. We ate lunch at Rudesheimer Schloss located by the most charming street of Rüdesheim – Drosselgasse – totally crowded on weekends. For dinner, I chose a meal typical for the region we’re in. I wonder if you know what it is? 🙂


Rhineland, Rhine, Rudesheim, vineyard

have you heard about this delicacy?


Monday was equally magnificent, this time bike-oriented and spent by the Moselle Valley. Beautiful views, amazing castles, picturesque houses. Heavenly! We will take you there soon… on a train 😉


Rudesheim, Koblenz, Rhine, Rhineland, Moselle Valley, child on a train

on the road to Koblenz



* German National Tourism Board DZT and Rüdesheim Tourist AG invited us to Rhineland and Moselle Valley