Even though we kind of liked the clouds and tiny rain on Saturday after amazing time spent in Hotel SPA Dr Ireny Eris in Krynica Zdrój, when the weather cleared up on Sunday, we decided to go and see the surroundings.

Krynica is definitely a winter place, therefore we decided to see what is there to do in the summer, especially with the region being so beautiful with green hills, peace, silence and little villages on Polish and Slovakian border.

We went on our first trip on bikes, but it didn’t go well. The trip turned out to be an extreme training, since riding up the hill with 15 kg on your rack (thanks Maks!) can be challenging even for experienced bikers. Therefore we switched to a car and moved along! The best thing around (at least for us) are the wooden orthodox churches form the 19th century, located in various villages around Krynica Zdrój and Muszyna. You can see one or two since they are quite close to each other, but it’s best to take a trip and see all of them. It’s hard to say which of them we liked the most as they all have their own charm – they’re small, wooden and – as Maks describes them – very mysterious.

After some thinking, I guess I liked the orthodox church in Andrzejówka the most. Located on a hill, surrounded by a cemetery and with an amazing view from it. When we got there at 7 pm it was already peaceful and quiet, right after the service.. We love such places!

We started sightseeing from the far east orthodox churches in Wojkowa, Leluchów ad Dubno. The emptiness and calm atmosphere of the little villages makes the sightseeing even more enchanting. Maks loved the carved wooden figures guarding the gate to the church in Powroźnik. After our stay in Armenia we decided that seeing monasteries and churches is quite an attraction for a child – these are definitely places where you can tell interesting stories making them look even more magical.


Leluchów, Krynica Zdrój, orthodox church, Beskid Sądecki



Hotel SPA dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdrój, children-friendly hotel, orthodox churches, wooden architecture path

we already started sightseeing yesterday – we love such places!


orthodox church Powroźnik, Krynica Zdrój, Poland, Beskid Sądecki

orthodox church in Powroźnik


Beskid Sądecki, Krynica Zdrój, Muszyna, Poland

driving around


orthodox church, Dubne, Beskid Sądecki, Muszyna, Krynica Zdrój

Dubne – orthodox church of the Holy Michael the Archangel from the second half of 19th


Then, we went in the opposite direction, to Żegiestów. I heard about Żegiestów many years ago since it’s the first place I got a postcard from! My friend who spent her winter holidays there sent it while we were 7 or 8 years old! As we go, we wonder how much have changed since, especially when we pass an abandoned sanatorium which is one the most memorable places we have seen here yet. Like most abandoned buildings, it makes you wonder. It seems that the golden age of Żegiestów is long behind us. However, on our way to the church, we pass some tourist resorts and the views are still magnificent. In order to get to the orthodox church, you have to turn in the direction of Żegiestów Wieś… a few houses, a school, a playground and the church, the biggest one from all we have seen, but also made of brick and therefore least attractive for me.

Creepy and intriguing abandoned Sanatorium Dom Zdrojowy makes much bigger impression. The building looks a bit like from a horror movie or a nightmare, like a place abandoned due to some kind of plague. Reportedly it was a popular destination before. Today it’s just a place where you can stop by on your way and wonder how it all looked in the back in the days.


Sanatorium Dom Zdrojowy Żegiestów, Krynica Zdrój, Muszyna, Beskid Sądecki

Sanatorium Dom Zdrojowy Żegiestów


orthodox church Żegiestów, Krynica Zdrój, Beskid Sądecki, orthodox church, Poland

orthodox church Żegiestów


Our next stop is theGreek Catholic orthodox church of the Dormition of the Mother of God in Andrzejówka. The church was built in 1860-64 and like most other orthodox churches we visit, it now is a Roman Catholic church. We reach it right after the service. There’s a small cemetery around the church and as it is located nicely on a hill we decide that this one is one of our favourites.


Andrzejówka , Beskid Sądecki, Krynica Zdrój, Muszyna, Beskid Sądecki



We still have Milik, Szczawnik, Jastrzębik and Złockie to see. We’re running out of time since our dinner is waiting… We check the St. Demetrios church in Złockie and head back to our hotel thinking about coming here once again some day!

Złockie, Krynica Zdrój, Beskid Sądecki, Muszyna, orthodox church



orthodox church, Beskid Sądecki, Krynica Zdrój, Muszyna, Poland, orthodox church

here, Maks went for the playground nearby instead of the orthodox church 😉


* We visited Beskid Sądecki thanks to the invitation from Hotel SPA dr Irena Eris in Krynica Zdrój.

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