Summer, weekend, blue sky, temperature that’s safely oscillating around 26-28 degrees made us want to get out of Warsaw for the weekend. Not too far, pleasant, with friends who also have a child. We called a few places that we already knew, but all of them were fully booked until August or September. We already started complaining when our friends suggested going to Dwór Zaścianek which they lately visited during a “Asparagus and wine” themed weekend. Ok, let’s go! This time it was also a themed trip – a Cherry Weekend. The first thing I thought was that Maks will surely like cherry picking!


Dwór Zaścianek, Poland, weekend, magical places

as I expected – he liked it!


I didn’t do ANY research about the place prior to our trip – I had no time. The day before we left, I checked their website and learned that we’re going to Podlasie. I also noticed a picture of smiling owners on their main page – a good sign. Should be good!

Dwór Zaścianek is located in a special place – 160 km from Warsaw, 35 km from Biała Podlaska. There’s a 3 Polish provinces border just a few steps from the Mansion (English for Dwór) – Mazowsze, Lubelskie and Podlaskie. Therefore some say it’s Podlasie and some say it’s not. Due to the surroundings and the little villages with wooden houses, for us it looks just like Podlasie. A perfect place to go for a weekend if you live in Warsaw or Lublin.

Even though it’s not that far from Warsaw, on Friday morning our trip was long since we drove slowly and got stuck in some traffic. We reached the place early evening, already amazed with the calm neighbourhood and picturesque, wooden huts that we passed by on our way. When we drove to the forecourt, we got absolutely blown away, even if it sounds a bit pompous. A wonderful wooden mansion with green grass and colourful flowers around. A view from a fairytale! We kept getting more and more amazed as we stayed here. We already know that we’re going to come back some day. We already recommended the place to many of our friends and Łukasz told his parents that they should visit the place. Why? there’s at least a few reasons!


Dwór Zaścianek, Borsuki, weekend, Poland, magical places

first look at Dwór Zaścianek


an amazing place and wonderful surroundings – wooden houses, a large garden, peace and silence around and a small swimming pool that looks quite surprising here, and allows you to relax after a day of cycling. The houses are almost 100 years old – Zaścianek used to be a presbytery while100 years back the Mansion was a primary school.

attractions for kids – you know that we usually pay attention to it. We like places with some extra attractions for Maks since happy Maks equals happy (and significantly less tired) parents. Here, Maks can run around a large garden, play with toy cars and balls, on a playgroud with a sandbox, slings, a springboard and a swimming pool of course. The owners have kids too and they’re similar age to Maks’. Therefore it should not be hard to


Dwór Zaścianek, Borsuki,  Magical place, weekend

old presbytery


Dwór Zaścianek, weekend, magical place , Borsuki

after cycling – chill out at the pool!


the owners It’s hard to call Dwór Zaścianek a guesthouse. Even harder to call it a hotel… When you get here, you immediately agree with the owners who called it “THE PLACE” on their website. Hotels and guesthouses are usually quite impersonal and more anonymous. Zaścianek is a place ran by a family who has been working on making it a place with a soul for a few generations. We’re here for the first time but we already feel like we’re visiting some old friends.

themed weekends – Asparagus and Wine before, now a Cherry Weekend and a Mushroom Weekend that we’re already planning to attend in the autumn. They also organised an Alpine Weekend and a Smoking Weekend. A great thing for all who like culinary adventures. There’s a theme and a day plan. This time it’s cherries – pancakes with cherries for breakfast, then some cherry picking in the orchard nearby, a fruit soup for lunch and cooking workshop with lovable French cooking coach – David Gaboriaud including cherry-themed dishes – cherry and figs chutney was my favourite – when we get back from the orchard. We love such ideas! What’s more, Maks loves them too: from the early morning he was looking forward to cherry picking and during the workshop he was constantly trying to keep himself occupied. It’s not too surprising that he decided to stir the chocolate mousse in the end 🙂 PS. to make the cherry weekend a bit longer, I’m currently eating amazing cherry pancakes for breakfast!

Cherry Weekend, Dwór Zaścianek, Poland, weekend, magical places

welcome to the cherry orchard


cherries, Cherry Weekend, Poland, Borsuki, Dwór Zaścianek, weekend, magical places

harvested for the supper 🙂


Dwór Zaścianek, Poland, weekend, magical places, cooking workshop, David Gaboriaud

chocolate mousse being prepared


cooking workshop, David Gaboriaud, Dwór Zaścianek, Poland, magical places, weekend

the chef!!!


– the food – tasty, homemade and Polish. The pancakes with cottage cheese, cream and cherries for breakfast are something I dreamed of after a sleepless night and a tiring week. I’d be happy to have such weekend beginnings more often!!! 🙂


Dwór Zaścianek, weekend, magical places, breakfast, pancakes, Cherry Weekend

a dream


cooking, cooking workshop, David Gaboriaud, Dwór Zaścianek, Borsuki

toasts with goat’s cheese and cherry and fig chutney

an active weekend – you can rent bikes or Nordic walking poles. Yesterday we rode bikes for approx. 30 km around the beautiful, calm and enchanting areas – meadows, wooden houses with almost no cars around. Perfect way to relax!


What more can I say – It’s amazing 🙂 With the long evenings spent drinking great wine… PS. the wines are supplied by Mielżyński, so if you know the winery at Burakowska, you need no more recommendation.


Dwór  Zaścianek, Poland, weekend, magical places, wine

While Maks sleeps, his parents are drinking wine



Dwór Zaścianek

Borsuki 1 b

08-221 Hołowczyce

Tel. 83 359 80 39

Tel. 509 221 813

Email: zaś

1 night with breakfast – 130 zł za osobę

The themed weekends’ prices depend on the specific one. Cherry Weekend was PLN 450 per person – that included 2 nights with breakfast, 2 dinners, lunch in the orchard, lunch, bikes, a trip to the orchard and cooking workshop. Kids below 4 can come for free. Kids aged 4-12 – PLN 200 for the night.