We’ve been planning to go to Ale Wino on ul. Mokotowska 48 for a while. We heard it’s delicious there, that the food is quite original, that you can spend some time with your friends in cool atmosphere, drinking wine of course… Well, we finally managed to get there! A little backyard, wooden tables inside, menu written on a blackboard with colourful chalk, casual style which makes it a perfect place to go with friends… on weekend or during the week,

That’s where we spent one of the last few evenings. I guess you can say that it’s there that we started celebrating my 30th birthday (yes, I plan to celebrate it for at least a week or even a month!!). I have to admit that I already scouted Ale Wino withAsiaya who just got to Warsaw from Delhi and wanted to catch up on new restaurants (check her blog, if you want see India through the eyes of a person who lives there). We had ravioli with celery, cauliflower and summer truffle (PLN 25) and beetroot with currants, lilac and creme brulee made from goat’s cheese (PLN 26). We tried it Spanish style – by sharing the meals and enjoying both flavours. I immediately decided that I have to get back there with Łukasz. I was convinced he will love the SURPRISINGLY tasty celery ravioli.



beetroot, goat's cheese, Ale Wino, winebar, restaurants, wine, Warsaw

beetroot, currants and goat’s cheese with crispy skin – perfect for summer!


On Thursday we left Maks at his grandmother’s and left for Ale Wino with our friends. They chose the place since they too, wanted to return to Ale Wino after their first visit.

We sat down at a large, wooden table. The room looked quite intimate, with only two tables inside and many people outside. We start with wine and snacks. First, red Sicilian wine and a cold cuts platter (PLN 35), a cheese platter and Italian olives (PLN 10). We wait for a while, but it’s worth it!

We get a platter with a lot of Italian salami, spicy sausage similar to chorizo and jamon serrano. Grass-green olives are large and delicious, and the homemade bread completes the set. However, it’s the cheese platter that’s my no. 1 here. Lots of different types of cheese, 2 slices of challah and amazing dried fruits and nuts in sweet sauce, caramelised. Challah with cream cheese and dried fruits was a killer!


cheese, Ale Wino, Warsaw, winebar

for cheese lovers


olives, Ale Wino, winebar, wine, Warsaw, Mokotowska

amazing olives and homemade bread seen in the background


cold cuts platter, Ale Wino, winebar, wine, starter, Warsaw

and for the meateaters


After starters we decided to have… Obviously the celery ravioli, mozzarella burrata with broad beans and tomatoes. At Ale Wino they definitely know how to make intriguing combinations (broad beans and burrata!). Our friends got courgettes in tempura and goat’s cheese mousse (PLN 25) and duck rilletes (PLN 20).

It didn’t take long for our meals to land on the table. What’s funny, we got the main courses faster than cheese and cold cuts platters. Duck rilletes may be a starter but the portion is quite big. Three large slices of homemade bread, all generously topped with rillettes (something between pate and lard) and onion jam. Fantastic combination, a cool snack, especially to go with red wine. For the hungry ones: yes, it is quite filling! Courgettes in tempura turned out to be courgette flowers stuffed with aubergine and goat’s cheese mousse in thin batter, served on black lentils. As I expected, celery ravioli with cauliflower blew Łukasz away. Here, instead of traditional ravioli pastry, we get celery rings with cauliflower mousse inside, all sprinkled with thinnish truffle slices. I have the idea that it might be the ultimate combination and the cauliflower boosts the truffle flavour. And that’s perfect even for me – a person who does not like cauliflower or celery (and vegetables in general – that’s how I am!). Burrata with tomatoes and broad beans was tasty but compared with other meals, a bit dull. It lacked this something to grab you by your taste buds and make you want t eat a meal once again.


courgettes, courgette flowers, Ale Wino, winebar, wine, Warsaw, Mokotowska

courgette flowers – seasonal


duck rilletes, Ale Wino, wine, winebar, Mokotowska,

duck rilletes – a starter that will easily fill you up


burrata, broad beans, Ale Wino, wine, winebar, Warsaw, Mokotowska

burrata, broad beans, sundried tomatoes


Unfortunately the need to get Maks from his grandmother’s at a reasonable time prevented us from having a dessert. A pity, since I wanted to try peach frullato (PLN 20) and fruit terrine (PLN 18) really bad. But as I already told you, I like to have a reason to get back. Here’s one! Łukasz has one too, since he considers the ravioli as something new, different and remarkable

Ale Wino proves that food does not necessarily has to be only a background for wine consumption like it is in another wine spot we like Mielżyński winebar. There can be more main characters: good wine and original, intriguing, fascinating food along with a good company. Ale Wino got to our favourite “meeting with friends in the evening spots” and I can’t wait to there with my cousin when she gets back to Poland in September 🙂 As for you – don’t wait until September, take someone there now 😉


Ale Wino, wine, winebar, Mokotowska, Warsaw

waiting for you 🙂



Ale Wino

Ul. Mokotowska 48

tel: 22 628 38 30

opening hours:

Tue-Sat: 12.00-24.00