Gofiarnia has been on my “to visit” list for about a year now. When I first heard about it I wanted to go there in that very moment since I love waffles with unconditional love and I guess that won’t change ever. But I didn’t get there last summer, and the desire to eat waffles isn’t that big in the winter. Years of eating waffles in Polish seaside “resorts” made them a snack exclusive to summer – preferably with whipped cream and fruits.

We were looking for a place for dessert last Sunday. A dessert that won’t require us sitting in a restaurant or squeezing through the crowds in some cafe on Nowy Świat. That’s how I realised that there’s Gofiarnia! waiting.

Gofiarnia, waffles, Mokotów, sweet, Warsaw

a tiny place, but a tonne of waffles to choose from


Gofiarnia  is a little bar near plac Unii Lubelskiej (entrance from ul. Goworka). A few tables outside, not too much space inside – you can stay and eat your waffle, but after 4 people enter to place their orders it gets much too crowded. The types of waffles are presented on a blackboard and there’s a lot of them! Contrary to booths selling waffles by the sea, this one offers both sweet and savoury ones. Perfect for lunch or a nutritious breakfast.

We focus on the sweet ones. There are some classics (whipped cream, jams, caster sugar), some nice combinations: maple syrup, butter and fresh thyme or peanut butter and strawberry jam. Mascarpone cheese is a great replacement for whipped cream in some of the waffles. We’re thinking about chocolate and banana waffle but I get drawn to an unusual combination: chocolate, caramel and peanuts!

The prices range from PLN 10 to 16. The other thing that distinguishes Gofiarnia apart from various flavours is two types of waffle dough – vanilla and gingerbread! In order to try both I order vanilla waffle with mascarpone, prune jam and mint leaves (PLN 14) and Łukasz takes gingerbread one with mascarpone and caramel (PLN 14).


Gofiarnia, waffles, sweet, breakfast, Warsaw, Mokotów

the lady who served us said that these are the “Bomb!””


Waiting for our orders we go through the savoury or “salty” waffles menu. There are two that look particularly tempting: smoked salmon with Greek yoghurt, dill and capers (PLN 17) and goat’s cheese with rucola, walnuts and honey (PLN 18). Savoury waffles are prepared from a different type of dough – wholemeal. I guess that this one’s better for “sandwich” toppings. I have the feeling I’ll get back here soon to try one like these!

Gofiarnia, waffles, Mokotów, Warsaw

who would expect such waffles?


A few minutes pass and the awaited moment comes – our waffles are ready. They look very tasty, even though they’re served on paper trays with plastic forks. How do they taste? This time there will be two reviews:) Ladies first – even during the World Cup! I really liked the waffles! I was worried about too much mascarpone, which I don’t like in big quantities, but they put just right amount. Combined with prune jam it wasn’t too filling and it didn’t make me feel heavy like after whipped cream. Vanilla dough wasn’t that different from the regular one, which I remember from a brunch at Sheraton (they do delicious waffles!), not the one from seaside resorts (which I also like, however it’s not always good!).

I also liked the gingerbread dough. It tastes completely different, a new look at a good old waffle. More intense, not that sweet. Tasted great combined with mascarpone and caramel. That’s my opinion. I will surely get back to Gofiarnia. You should do the same – it’s a great place for a snack during the day, for a tiny lunch, instead of a sandwich for breakfast or after work, when you need to eat something sweet.

Łukasz submitted different opinion: he wasn’t amazed by the waffles and still prefers Belgian ones. He didn’t find a satisfactory dessert and got out unhappy. I don’t know if it was about the bad weather, bad mood or the waffle itself but, but… It’s ME who is a “sweet loving monster” on this team and I say: go to Gofiarnia! 🙂 Maybe it’s not “YES, YES, YES, a culinary orgasm”, but it’s still worth going there and getting back.

Gofiarnia, Mokotów, waffles

one of the “sweeters”

Gofiarnia, waffles, Mokotów, Warsaw

mascarpone, caramel and gingerbread waffle



ul. Puławska 11 (entrance from Gowork)

Mon-Sun. 10.00 – 21.00

e-mail: lilo4@wp.pl