Have you ever eaten soap? 🙂 For a dessert in an elegant restaurant? We have tried it for the first time lately: in Madrid in a nice restaurant called La Antonita, located right next to a charming boutique hotel called Posada del Dragon. What this soap really is, what it’s made from and why soap in the first place – you will all find out soon. But let’s keep it the usual way: the starters first, then the main course and a few words about La Antonita. It’s a place worth adding to the must sees in Madrid list next to Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and Prado.

La Antonita, Madryt

open kitchen, lots of things going on inside and menu written on the black board — I like that! 🙂

We got to La Antonita, situated on Cava Baja 14, one of Madrid’s liveliest streets with lots of cafes, pubs and little joints, thanks to the TrpAdvisor app. We were walking around after a looong night and looking for a place to have a good Sunday’s lunch..

Before, we used to eat lots of traditional tapas in Madrid. We love it and usually don’t pay too much attention to where we eat in Spain as all the pubs serve good tapas.

My favourite tapas are patatas bravas (baked potatoes with a spicy sauce), tortilla de patatas  (a famous potato omelette), croquetas (Spanish style, with ham or cod) or pimientos de pardon, our beloved little green peppers grilled and spiced up with salt, that Łukaz started preparing himself in my friend’s house for our Madrilenian breakfasts. This time we wanted something more than traditional tapas.

We looked for something original and impressive and found La Antonita. We found a table even though we didn’t make a reservation and nobody minded us squeezing between the tables with a pram and a loud little one. Good for them!

Menu isn’t too long, but still it was hard to decide what to order. There’s lots of Spanish specialties in it, usually served in a more exquisite way. In order to try different things we asked for a set of all the best things and obviously switched to traditional Spanish eating style – para picar : ­we order together  and eat together – a bite of tortilla here, a croquet there and a few peppers to go with it. I love it, because when I want to try 5 different meals I can do it without ordering 5 full dishes 🙂 Praise Spain for para picar!

We started with croquetas, then the calamari, tomatoes and controversial crunchy oxtail roll…

croquetas, La Antonita, Madryt

croquetas: with ham, fish or spicy…

La Antonita, Madryt

salad made of 5 types of totatoes served with fig marmalade — delicious!

kalmary, La Antonia, Madryt

grilled calamari with onion marmalade and burnt onion peels

La Antonita, madryt

crunchy oxtail roll with soy sauce and potato puree

As you can see, everything looks fantastic and is served so! The abovementioned “bull’s tail”… Rabo de toro was quite controversial though. It’s a Spanish delicacy for the experienced ones, prepared in various ways e.g. stewed with carrots or baked – you can try this version in Warsaw, in the Ole restaurant – if you tried it, let us know – we haven’t been there yet. I’m not a fan of this meal. Even though at La Antonita it wasn’t an actual tail but beef prepared in a certain way. Łukasz on the other hand was delighted and even ate our portions. Seems like a dish for men!

I would die for the calamari with onion marmalade though. And for croquetas… delicious! Patatas bravas and shrimp fritters are also worth trying. I’ll do it as soon as I get back here. And I already miss Madrid.

The prices as for Madrid, a crowded place and such high standards are quite decent – prices for certain dishes range from 5 to 14 euro…

For the dessert (5,90 euro) we were offered two little works of art… French mille-feuille (milhojas in Spanish) with a lavender cream cheese, sprinkled with grated nuts and lemon rind and…

La Antonita, Madryt

tender mille – feuille sprinkled with lemon rind

the above-mentioned SOAP! 🙂 – La Antonita Soap. It’s a kind of white chocolate mousse, quite stiff and actually resembling soap consistence, served with a lime foam. Is the soap consistence good for a dessert? For this one: yes! It was delicious!

La Antonita, Madryt

soap-dessert — “La Antonita” Soap

Why soap? Because for many years in the place where the restaurant currently is, there was a shop where Antonita sold soaps (JABONES)… that’s where the form, foam and consistence come from… and the name of the restaurant 🙂 A beautiful story — and if you don’t believe me, check this picture that can be found on Posada del Dragon hotel and La Antonita’s Facebook profile.

La Antonita, Madryt

a soap shop where the restaurant is today

Is a soap-like dessert enough to book a trip to Madrid? 🙂 I can give you many more reasons but still it’s worth coming here just to visit La Antonita…