A weekend trip. Time to pack up quickly. I pack us in a hurry since I’m so occupied: with work, projects, reports for the client, meetings, blog, an entry to write, mails to send, adaptation days at the kindergarten, drive him to the nursery, pick him up, clean the house, pack up, buy something for breakfast and then have sushi with my friend, another shopping and a meeting with another friend I haven’t seen for a while, who flies to Poland from Brazil once every two years. Łukasz keeps saying that I can’t sit down and relax, that I’m unable to give up on something, that I keep on making new tasks for myself. He may be right: I can’t cause I don’t like to. Real life means intensive life for me. So I keep on packing our stuff for the trip in a hurry and… something is wrong.


20 minutes and it’s done. The suitcase is half empty. One. No extra little bags, backpacks and other packets to carry. No bed, no pram and no bike! So that’s how a trip without children looks like! Have you already forgotten? You pack in 20 minutes and don’t have to remember about anything. There will be no diaper shortage, favourite teddy bear, wellingtons and extra pairs of socks won’t be missed. The medical kit? There you go, but you just need some headache pills and aspirin and that’s all! Ready to go! And the biggest shock: “hand” baggage. Hand baggage for a car trip?!?!?!?? That may be a logic question unless you have a child. If you do, you will quickly get the feeling that you forgot about something as you only have a purse, a wallet, a cell phone, some water, sometimes a laptop (if you like to work on your way like I do) or a favourite magazine. How spacious in the car right now! No toys, no books, no puzzles, no iPad, water, juice, snacks, sweets and lunches packed for every trip. How light! We get into the car in 2 minutes and off we go! We talk, I sleep, work and we talk again. It’s quiet, the music is on, no one cries, no one screams, no one wants to get out to pee, no one cries: “Mommy, sit here”, “Mommy give me a crisp/juice/a dessert!”. Silence! Another shocking moment: petrol station. You already start wih: who’s going ? You or me? Wait a moment… we can go both! 3 minutes and we’re back. We skip 10-minute negotiations about buying a new toy car, some sweets or a candy bar….

And there will be more “shocking moments” like this for us (for you?:)) during our trip together!


Because on a trip without the child you can:


– pack in 10 minutes or don’t pack at all apart from a few REALLY important items (i.e. money/card, cell phone, contraceptive pills)

– leave home in a casual manner – not like a camel

– drive 700 km with no stopping for pee, juice, water, “hurting belly”, “I want to get ouuuuut!”

– get out on a petrol station and carelessly browse through the magazines not wondering if your child isn’t currently getting run over by a truck

– buy just water at a petrol station

– skip negotiating like a professional diplomat on a petrol station about why the next toy fire engine is not what we need

– – if you’re not the driver, you can sleep in the car – even the whole trip!

– you can read, you can work on your laptop or stare at your cell phone for 4 hours. You decide!

– not eat for the whole trip, then have dinner in any place, not thinking if it isn’t too late or if they have something for children

– listen to music at high volume and sing like mad, not caring about your little one’s precious ears!

– if you come upon your favourite shop or shopping mall, you can walk around the shops and actually buy something instead of getting wet and sweaty after running between a playground, a fountain and a car simulator with the only thing you managed to buy when your friend looked after the child for a moment.

– you can get in the hotel and lie down on the bed

– you can indulge yourself and do nothing more

– you can have sex anytime you want to

– you can have sex anyplace in the room you want to, with or without light, you can scream and breath heavily without being afraid that you’ll wake somebody up

– you sleep as long as you like – no one will wake you up

– you can lie down in the morning, reading magazines or just staring at the ceiling, not thinking if your child is currently disassembling the hotel fridge or making cooking lessons for the teddy bears

– you can sit down during breakfast, sip on your tea, not convincing the little terrorist that “Mommy and Daddy are still eating” and not chasing him around the tables

– go to the beach and lie down in the sand together, lazily looking at the sea – no one to chase, no one is going to drown, no one eats the rubbish and cigarette butts found in the sand.

– go to the pool – swim together, sit in the Jacuzzi and sweat in the sauna with no need to make shifts and decide who will stay in the pool with the little one and who will sit in the sauna. And with no reproaches such as: “hey, I it’s my turn now, I want to go swimming too!”

– read “Twój Styl” magazine on a folding bed as long as you like!!!!

– after pool, you can lie down on the bed with your loved one and rest after a “hard morning”

– eat a Nutella waffle before lunch without thinking if that’s how sensible parents act and if he’ll eat his lunch after that?

– leave the hotel at 9 pm and get back whenever you like

– drink beer with juice, Mojito and Sex on the beach wherever you like, until the late hours

– get back in the rain, holding hands, laughing and not worrying that someone might freeze, get a cold and “who will stay at home with him if you’re so busy this week”

– sit in the bar as long as you like when you get back to the hotel… or take a taxi and drive to another city in the middle of the night, just to have a zapiekanka and bounce from the door of the most popular club

– ride a bike not worrying about the distance, temperature, sun shining too much, boredom or duration of the trip

– take only money and the cell phone with you

– be together finally, just the two of you.. and forget that you’re parents for a moment, but also YOURSELVES, a COUPLE!


And in the end you can read an article in “Twój Styl” and find some wise words: “We care about being just a couple from time to time, not always a family”. So we do it. We love being family, we love our child, we love being Mom and Dad, we love our family trips but we also love ourselves and our “we”, ours, minus the child and everything that comes with it. There’s no family without a couple, therefore we give it a try: let’s not be the family “only”. Leave the child at your grandparents, hire a babysitter and spend a weekend or a trip together!