Let’s leave London and its surroundings for a while. Don’t worry we’ll get back to it later on! 🙂 Today we’re going to travel back to Swiss Laax. We already wrote a bit about this place: about Swiss specialties (we LOVE raclette and fondue!) about going skiing with a 2 year old, and about Laax doing great as a brand and an ideal product for skiers and snowboarders looking not only for great slopes but also for good accommodation, convenience and other experiences (culinary for instance). It looks like a ski resort that thinks about everything! In the entry about Zakopane we complained about the monotonous culinary offer in Polish winter capital – the food in most places is “traditional” which means oscypek cheese with cranberry and potato pancakes from a booth. Not much to choose from. Other cuisines? Yeah, there’s pizza, sometimes even eatable, but what else? Mainly a mediocre kebab. The only place that’s worth visiting is called Mała Szwajcaria (Little Switzerland – what a coincidence) and serves fondue – I’ve been there a long time ago and won’t write about it right now, however I liked the idea of eating something else than shashliks, moskole and oscypek for just one day.

In Laax it’s easy to have a varied menu. You don’t have to do much to find something interesting since the Swiss thought about those who don’t like cheese as much as they do. Laax amazed us with its culinary diversity. You don’t like cheese and don’t want to eat Swiss specialties? No problem! There’s a lot of other places to choose from – both on the slopes and in Laax itself!

There are some regional restaurants but if you want to eat a delicious Italian pizza, Spanish tapas, a pad thai or Chinese dumplings, you’ll find it all. Some meals are amazing, some aren’t. But you can’t say that there’s no choice.

We like to eat regional specialties. But cheese for 6 days in a row? 🙂 That’s too much!

Where to eat in Laax?


Laax, penne, truffles, Das Elefant

amazing penne with truffles prepared on a giant ring of Grana Padano!

2) „LA VACCA” INDIAN TEPEEOur absolute number 1! If you like Italian cuisine and intensive flavour of Grana Padano, you have to pay a visit to Das Elefant, a restaurant located by the Crap Masegn station (almost 2500 m above sea level). Pasta with parmesan and truffles is their house special. It tastes delicious and is prepared in an unusual way – hot boiled pasta is thrown into a giant Grana Padano ring and then cheese is scraped from it and instantly melted on the pasta. Then truffles are grated over the meal – a nice addition but cheese flavour prevails. Amazing!

Plaun station was my favourite. In order to get there you need to ride a very long slope and it’s situated on a flat terrain with pine trees around. A nice place to relax. Near the station that’s a starting point for both the gondola and the chairlift, you will find a little restaurant in the form of Indian tepee called La Vacca. Inside, there’s a fireplace with logs of wood, cow’s skins, steaks and delicious salads Italian style – with mozzarella and Parma ham. A great place to catch your breath. Also: order a most popular drink in Laax – Apfelschorle, refreshing, sparkling apple juice.

mozzarella, la Vacca, Laax, Italian cuisine, steaks

a bit of summer in this winter scenery

Laax, Plaun, La Vacca, parmesan, Parma ham, steaks

salad with a huge “extra” ingredient

La Vacca, Plaun, Laax, Italian cuisine, steaks, skiing with a child

I kind of like it around here! 🙂


Lately, pizza has become Maks’ favourite meal. When he hears that we’re going to eat pizza he jumps around and shouts: “Pizza, pizza, where’s my pizza?”. In Laax he mostly ate pastas as he’s not a fan of fondue and raclette, therefore we decided to order pizza for a change in Camino restaurant down in Laax. Camino is located in Signani hotel and it’s decorated accordingly. It’s best to pay a visit on a warm day and sit on the terrace! Ideal pizza and the sun will surely make you feel like in Italy. What’s there apart from pizza? Delicious hot goat’s cheese, nice antipasti for two platter consisting of bruschetta, focaccia with salmon and tartare.

skiing, Laax, Camino, Italian cuisine, pizza

delicious pizza in the sun – perfect solution after skiing!

Laax , Camino, goat's cheese, Italian cuisine

goat’s cheese – I love it!

Camino, Laax, Italian cuisine, starters

if a restaurants offers a starter platter for two – we get it


Do you know, I love Spanish tapas? After eating tapas in Las Olas restaurant in Berlin I’m convinced that it is possible to find good Spanish tapas without the need to go to Barcelona, Madrid or San Sebastian (I’d go anyway!). That’s why I was very happy when I heard that there’s a possibility to eat tapas on a ski trip to Laax.

Casa Veglia looks like bodega, Spanish music is on, wine barrels are present, flamenco posters on the walls and the tables are decorated with plastic tablecloths resembling Portuguese azulejos. The atmosphere is great! You can also order Spanish wine and our personal favourite – little green peppers grilled with sea salt – pimientos de padron. That’s a good sign! Chorizo, jamon serrano and queso manchego that Maks describes as “a cheese that tastes as good as parmesan!”.

Apart from that pimientos boquerones, chipirones and an octopus. Yummy!

Perfect for anybody who loves Spain as I do and always misses it, regardless of current whereabouts.

Casa Veglia, tapas, Spanish cuisine, Laax, rocksresort

flamenco y vino in Casa Veglia

tapas, Spanish cuisine, Casa Veglia

red wine goes best with cheese, jamon serrano and chorizo

tapas, Spanish cuisine, skiing, Laax, Casa Veglia

pimientos de padron, chipirones i boquerones fritos – some of my favourite tapas!

Casa Veglia, tapas, Spanish cuisine, Laax, Switzerland

bodega and tapas


When You walk around Laax in the afternoon or in the evening, you get the impression that Asian food here is as popular as in Warsaw. Nooba restaurant is crowded every day! All tables are taken, the kitchen is open and the Chefs come from Thailand or Vietnam. Menu includes Asian salads, satay chicken, Chinese dumplings, curries and soups. Even though it’s not my favourite from Laax, it’s still worth visiting. That’s what you call diversity! However, I guess I will always prefer pad thai somewhere in Bangkok or on Krabi beach. 🙂

Nooba, Asian cuisine, Laax, satay

modern Nooba

mango salad, Laax, Nooa, Asian cuisine

mango salad

Nooba, Asian cuisine, chicken satay, Laax

something for Maks – his beloved satay chicken

 Grandis is our least favourite restaurant in Laax. It’s a restaurant and a wine shop combined. They have approx. 1000 wines on the menu. But beware! The prices on the shelves apply if you buy a bottle to take away. If you order a bottle to go with your dinner, you’ll pay 2 or 3 times more. And nobody will warn you about that. How about the food? Cold cuts and cheese served with win are OK. Polenta definitely isn’t. There’s so many nice places in Laax that you can skip Grandis 🙂

And now the final question: what about the dessert? I have to admit that Milka chocolate and Hanuta waffles made most of my desserts in Laax. There was one thing that I could really kill for though – Toblerone mousse in Tegia Larnags!!! Only Maks decided to order ice cream served in a little penguin – he liked it so much that he kept asking for them in Warsaw! 🙂 A little thing that can bring so much joy! 🙂 One more advantage of travelling with a child 🙂

toblerone mousse, Tegia Larnags, Laax, Szwitzerland

Toblerone mousse – yummy!

Laax, Tegia Larnags


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