Mokotów. I think it’s one of the closest neighborhoods to me. I memorized every inch of it in my childhood, because Mokotów is where my grandmother has lived. We would visit her often in summer, especially when my cousin came from the United States. We had our trips to the stores on Puławska Street and


We’ve been taking Maks to restaurants almost since he was born. His first trip to get sushi was when he was one week old, his first breakfast out was when he was 10 days old and his first culinary trip across Poland was when he was 3 weeks old. When he was about three months

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Ever since we opened DESEO on ul. Angorska 27, we started coming to Saska Kępa much more often. Every week we’re here 3 or 4 times and Łukasz usually comes every day. The consequences are easy to guess: that’s where we eat the most often now! We have pizza at OSP Saska Kępa on ul.


We fell in love with Thai cuisine even before we went to Thailand. It was 2010 and then 2011 when we had our first pad thai, satay chicken with creamy peanut sauce, Łukasz had red curry with beef and I loved Pad See Ew fried noodles with pork in Suparom Thaifood – a little barack


If you follow us on Facebook too you probably already know the beginning of this story. If not, then I will explain in Łukasz’ words, because it was him who put our impressions on the FB profile: ‘Imagine a day when you’re looking for restaurants to make a TOP 10 pizzas in Warsaw list and


I like that kind of places. You’re coming to have a quick lunch only, it turns out to be a great spot and you keep thinking how tasty it was for the next few days along with wondering when will you return. I visited a place like that on Monday. Lunch with a friend from


Back in February when we returned to Warsaw from our great Asian trip, I met with my friend who lives in London. Like us, she likes travelling and eating and loves all sorts of tasty places. Therefore every time we meet we partly talk about restaurants we have to visit which have amazed or even


I met my friend for lunch. Just an ordinary, everyday lunch. No fancy culinary expectations. Location: Powiśle. Where do we go? She says: Maybe VEG Deli on ul. Radna? I say OK, heard about it, no expectations. If it says VEG it’s a vegetarian place. No problem with that. I’ll eat something small and light,

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It’s going to be one of those unplanned posts. An accidental visit, no camera, pictures taken with an iphone. We rarely do such posts since usually when we go ‘for a review’ we come fully equipped – camera, lens, often a lamp as well. This time we had no plans to write a review since


After publishing the entry about our favourite places with Indian cuisine in Warsaw a few days ago, we received dozens of messages with your favourite Indian places. We shared many experiences (especially in regard to the masters at Curry House!) but you also sent as a bunch of your own suggestions. One the most popular