Many different words have been said. They said nothing would ever be the same again. Or that we won’t like it at all, because having eaten sushi in Poland, Europe or in the USA, Japan may be a shock. You already know we liked it very much. We loved it, we got addicted to it,


Ever since we opened DESEO on ul. Angorska 27, we started coming to Saska Kępa much more often. Every week we’re here 3 or 4 times and Łukasz usually comes every day. The consequences are easy to guess: that’s where we eat the most often now! We have pizza at OSP Saska Kępa on ul.


Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? A quick call with best wishes, flowers, gifts or maybe an evening/afternoon spent together? We’re big fans of the latter idea and take our parents out for something delicious for most occasions such as Mother’s Day, Grandmother’s Day, name day, birth day etc. Sometimes the evening is accompanied by a


Sushi. You can love it or hate it.. I guess there aren’t many types of food that can divide people so much or on the other hand, join them 🙂 We are from the sushi-loving group. It’s been a constant flow of love for the last 6 years. How did it start? I remember it

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