Street food is a magnetising part of culinary culture of every place. It’s banal, simple, often prepared in very meager greasy spoons, often deterring because of the lack of hygiene, and yet tempting because of the taste and the aroma. In some countries you may feel like street food rules them and the streets are


Since our first visit to Bangkok, Chinatown has remained out favourite spot in Thailand’s capital. When we’re here, we just can’t get enough of the flavours, fragrances and images since Chinatown is a real culinary paradise!. In our pictures, you can find local street food – juicy pomegranates, young coconuts from which we voraciously drink


Bangkok that’s lively, always jammed, full of skyscrapers but also shady corners, amazing beaches, backpacker’s North and obviously the FOOD, one of the most liked cuisines in the world, lately in particular in Warsaw, Poland. Thailand has long been a popular destination when it comes to exotic journeys. Also in Poland. We’ve grown tired with


June – a perfect month to plan your trip! There’s a good reason for the “Where are you going for vacation?” subject to come up every now and then during weekend walks, bike rips, hanging out on the playground and eating ice cream or having open air breakfasts. We search for the best offer, choose


We had planned to start our journey in Bangkok for few main reasons: first, we found a good connection, cheap and at a good hour, second, it’s a great starting point for a further journey to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and third, we visited Bangkok last year, so we could just focus on slow adaptation


We’ve been looking for decent Thai restaurant in Warsaw ever since we got back from Thailand last December. In the winter we often cooked some Thai stuff at home, after buying all the necessary Thai spices and ingredients. Then more everyday duties came along with the raise of outside temperature and we weren’t that much