When we travelled through northern Scotland you kept telling us on Facebook that we should absolutely and definitely see the Isle of Skye. We didn’t plan it but plans can always be changed 🙂 We didn’t plan the North either and we were supposed to spend the weekend in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Instead, on Saturday

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It’s only been a few days since we came back from Scotland and we already miss those landscapes and incredible peace you can find in the North of the country or on the Isle of Skye. Scotland seems like a place that lives at totally different speed than we do in our everyday life. We

Great Britain

At the planning stage, we never even considered going to the North of Scotland. We were supposed to visit Loch Lomond areas, see the neighbouring castles, look for Loch Ness monster and the famous Glenfinnan bridge that Harry Potter travelled through. Inverness, located in the central-western part of highlands was supposed to be our furthest

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Before we went to Scotland we already knew that it’s not going to be an eye candy and chill out opportunity only but also a feast for all culinary freaks who love fish and seafood! Seems like they eat fish in Scotland from dawn till dusk and that’s the way we like it! We order


We started our next day in Scotland with a delicious breakfast at Loch Leven hotel in North Ballachulish, near Glencoe and Fort William. Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t go for neither “full Scottish breakfast” nor Scottish specialty called haggis which looks a bit like blood sausage that I don’t like too much. We found

Great Britain

Monday morning, we landed in Glasgow. Wizzair, straight from Warsaw Chopin airport, worth recommending, especially if you find some cheap fares. We landed and hurried to get our rented car at Europcar. Tired after last weekend (beer festival in Plsen – we’ll write more about that soon! :)), but happy to finally be here!  

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