It’s TODAY!!! 🙂 International Pizza Day! You have to eat pizza today or at least plan a visit to a pizzeria soon! We decided to commemorate this day with a special entry. An entry in which we will show you 9 places where you should eat pizza in Warsaw in our opinion. As usual, the


If you follow us on Facebook too you probably already know the beginning of this story. If not, then I will explain in Łukasz’ words, because it was him who put our impressions on the FB profile: ‘Imagine a day when you’re looking for restaurants to make a TOP 10 pizzas in Warsaw list and


We heard it many times that there’s a famous Italian restaurant run by Italians in Murzasichle. That they serve amazing pizza, and pasta and make you feel like you’re in Italy. People were telling us this every now and then. “You have to go there, the food is delicious!”. When our Italy-loving friends who have

At a resturant