You already know that we love everything Asian… There’s not a week that goes by without Vietnamese soups or sandwiches, without Thai noodles or Chinese dishes. We could eat them forever and we would never get bored… Almost 🙂 Łukasz definitely loves what’s Vietnamese more, I am a worshipper of everything Thai. Yes, yes, when


We fell in love with Thai cuisine even before we went to Thailand. It was 2010 and then 2011 when we had our first pad thai, satay chicken with creamy peanut sauce, Łukasz had red curry with beef and I loved Pad See Ew fried noodles with pork in Suparom Thaifood – a little barack


Thai cuisine. If you’ve been reading us for a while than you know that it’s one of our favourites and Thailand is one of our most beloved destinations. It amazed us in Autumn 2012 when we saw not only steaming Bangkok , but also colourful and quite magical North and the heavenly islands in the

Children friendly

We wrote about the Thai restaurant  WHY THAI at Wiejska 13, near the Sejm (the Polish Parliament) a year ago… It was just after they’ve opened, the first stylish, elegant, marvellous Thai restaurant in Warsaw, perfect for a dinner for two, a meeting with friends, or for a business lunch. We’ve just returned from Thailand,

Dinner for two

We’ve been looking for decent Thai restaurant in Warsaw ever since we got back from Thailand last December. In the winter we often cooked some Thai stuff at home, after buying all the necessary Thai spices and ingredients. Then more everyday duties came along with the raise of outside temperature and we weren’t that much