You don’t have a child. Everything seems so easy and obvious to you. You have your own ideas and expectations built on the bits and pieces of stories, books and movies. You don’t have a child but you’re a master of theory, right? On a plane you roll your eyes and curse at the parents

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Oh, how we dreamed about a trip without the child. A short holiday without a 4 year old volcano full of energy who stays in high performance mode from the early morning to the late evening, never sits down and never stops. Wakes up at 8 am and falls asleep at 11 pm. Who has

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I got pregnant by accident. Incidentally and without a precise plan. I gave up on pills.. Why? Because the blood test results were mediocre, because I heard that if you take pills for too long, you may have problems with your pregnancy, because something etc. After I stopped taking pills I knew I wanted a

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