This is one of those places that you see somewhere on the Internet, on Facebook, and you immediately know you want to go there. Beautiful interior, well finished down to the finest detail, interesting design, amazing rooms. You immediately know this is going to be a place where you can spend time nicely and that will give


We love weekend getaways and we love magical places. You know that we’re constantly looking for magical, charming spots that have that “something” about them. Sometimes they’re tiny, with a few rooms and home cooking. Sometimes they’re a little more impressive when it comes to their size, but still magnetising because of their incredible location,


Today I’m taking you to a beautiful and magical place, one of these we like the most. Just like the ones you like the most. In April I told you about Siedlisko Sobibór in the east of Poland, near Włodawa. It’s a charming, magical place where time is frozen and where you can take a break


I love weekend trips. It’s really hard to catch us during weekends in Warsaw, especially in the spring and summer. This is when we travel across Poland. We let go of distant travels, we let go of European vacation and we enjoy everything that’s the best about what’s ours and what’s close. We used to


It’s been over a year since we created our first list of magical places in Poland – you can read it HERE. Now we are adding 6 new! Once again they’re charming, magical, great for a weekend or for a few days in summer, spring or fall. Some of these spots we discovered last summer, some


We’ve had some amazing weekends lately… one magical place after another. Beautiful places, nature, relax, silence, forest. Great idea for spending a weekend because even if you leave your house for 2 days, you will get much more rest in such environment than at home, with chores, cleaning and a lot of different things that


We first went to Tatarska Jurta in February 2013. The Supraśl area was covered in snow back then and we and our friend got stuck in a pile of snow with almost no GSM network and no ideas on how to get our car out of it. On Fridays night, our Tatar hosts helped us


Life has been kind to us this year: we keep ending up in beautiful and magical places and as usual, we can’t keep the impressions to ourselves 🙂 It’s happened once again, even though I absolutely haven’t seen it coming!   I was very happy when I heard that we’re going to attend a journalist-blogger


Every day we get questions from you. Via e-mail, on Facebook wall or via Facebook messaging. You ask about various things… about your first trip with a child, about hotels on Crete, magical places in Poland where you could have your wedding, about Spanish tapas in Warsaw and Italian cuisine in Wrocław. We cannot always

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There’s no other place in Poland or anywhere else in the world where I have tested so many accommodation possibilities than in Zakopane! I can no longer count all the places I stayed in when I was 4, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 28 or 30. Some of them I will remember forever, while I