Malta. It’s always been a pretty special place for me, because it was one of the first locations that I visited abroad. A dozen or so years ago, me and my mom, one of our first flights, thrill of emotion, 2 weeks of vacation, travel agency, hotel in a pretty popular Bugibba resort. We are


Long May weekend is already gone. A poor one this year – only 3 days. Time to think about vacation. On the way, there’s still Corpus Cristi holiday which is perfect for a quick trip to some place in Poland but you know how it is… beginning of June, seaside, mountains or Mazury – it


You all know that we love eating 🙂 We eat everyday stuff and some more festive food. Usually out – on the one hand we like it, and on the other we don’t have too much time to cook something delicious at home in this fast-moving world. Where do we like to eat? I guess


We didn’t have any culinary expectations from Malta and the near-by Gozo… I’ll tell you more: we were a bit afraid! I remember that when I was on Malta in 2002 there was this English breakfasts with baked beans, bacon and poached eggs in my hotel, and we got a bit scared when one of


So, are you ready for Gozo? 🙂 As I’ve already mentioned the island is tiny – 14 km long, 7 km wide and has only 30 thousand inhabitants. But, despite all this, there’s pretty much to see! You should give yourself 1-2 days for sightseeing. You can use local buses to travel (a day ticket


Good Morning! We’re back! 🙂 After almost 8 (!) hours of travelling by 5 different means of transport, we’re back from Gozo, one of the small islands of the Maltese archipelago. We were going to “broadcast” from Gozo on the beat, but it turned out that the Internet illegally borrowed “from a neighbour” doesn’t work