Maks was the most excited about traveling by gondola in France. Every new mode of transport is an adventure for him, and a vision of living on a gondola or in a camper makes every trip a few times better. Or perhaps it was Łukasz who was even happier. He’s an unfulfilled sailor, who hasn’t sailed


I love French mornings. That moment when we go downstairs to eat breakfast in a charming hotel, somewhere in the forest above breathtaking Rocamadour, or when we’re on our way to the fair in Moissac and we decide to stop at a local boulangerie and eat croissants, chocolatines or our beloved gourmands with vanilla pudding


Nice is one of those towns that, even though they’re pretty big (about 350 thousand residents), they have their addicting, vacationing climate. On the one hand it’s the beach’s merit, on the other hand – it’s Promenade des Anglais streched out along the coast. I guess there is one more thing – all these brasseries and


We didn’t spend much time in Nice, but knew since we arrived in there that we need to try some local treats. What’s so characteristic about Nice’s cuisine is that it’s kind of a mix of what’s French and what’s Italian – Nice became a part of France in 1860, after its residents voted for


We already fell in love with Normandy several years ago… Back then in August 2011 we left for our first trip with Maks. He was 2.5 months old and everybody was crazy about it!”How come??? Taking a kid for a car trip around Europe???”, “He’s too small!”, “You must be crazy!”. And so, on one


We wanted to get back to Normandy for quite a while now. We first visited the area in August 2011, at the beginning of our month-long eurotrip with a 2,5-month old Maks. We arrived in northern France after visiting our friends in Wiesbaden where we attended a wine festival and enjoyed flammkuchens, and after we