Our visit to the Christmas fairs in Germany in 2013 was an experience we remembered for quite a long time. We still keep thinking about the magic and distinct Christmas atmosphere. This year we also planned to go and see the fairs. We thought of Prague or Budapest or maybe a pre-Christmas, colourful London or

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Cracow is a place we get back to quite often… Sometimes for business, sometimes for leisure. For one or two nights or just for a walk and lunch… There’s even more reasons to visit Cracow in December thanks to their charming Christmas fair on the market squareI still remember a trip to the fair with


We’ve been thinking about going to Ed Red for a while. Actually we’ve been thinking it ever since we found out that Adam Chrząstowski left Ancora and decided to open a steakhouse in Cracow. But you know how it is… Cracow is not always on the way. But we finally did it! A short stay


Hotel restaurants are a bit tricky. Usually they’re really expensive and not necessarily good. The food needs to correspond with diverse tastes of guests which sometimes makes it dull and mixed-up. What’s more, in cities such as Cracow, Wrocław or Toruń you can find a lot of restaurants covering various cuisines in the city; no

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Valentine’s Day!! It’s almost here! I’ve asked you via Facebook if you’re celebrating or boycotting it?? 🙂 Are you planning to give presents, to go out, take trip, have a romantic dinner with candles or you’re planning to do neither of these things and you’re having a regular day? I’m not bothered by Valentine’s Day,