I love travelling by train. Regardless of the number of times I heard bad things about Polish railways and awful Central Station in Warsaw (not anymore!). I always loved trains.   When I worked in my previous company I travelled around Poland a lot. We had a driver and could reach any place by car,

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Every parent knows that people make mistakes that may have bad consequences… When the child is little, we leave it on the couch, in the car seat, on the changing table and boom – it falls to the ground! We find it crying on the floor, we fear if everything is alright, if it does

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Here we are! 3 days have passed faster than I thought! Much sunbathing, some travelling by car and… hunting for amazing beaches and Greek specialties. Contrary to popular belief it’s not that easy to find decent food here – I mean, Crete is a resort visited by millions and there is a tonne of food


My last weekend was terrible. I didn’t sleep enough, worked a lot and couldn’t take advantage of the beautiful weather. Finally on Sunday I managed to do something for me! One day of the weekend is something you cherish much more than regular two days. You finally get rid of your chores and find some

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11.30 pm, Georgian time (and Armenian too)… We’re somewhere in Armenia, close to Georgian border. We just had an almost hour-long break for passport control… How did we get here and why did we choose the night train?  Yerevan. The capital of Armenia, our goal and starting point for further exploration of the country.. One


So the first day of this year’s long may weekend is history! 🙂 According to forecasts it was supposed to be the warmest one. Therefore we decided to make good use of it. That’s why we left as soon as Wednesday evening. We had a 300 km drive before us, up to the Polish-Lithuanian border.