Vietnam… One of the must sees of our last year’s November trip. We planned it to be our third and last stop, as important as Cambodia and Laos. At the end of the day it turned out to be our second and most problematic stop… But I already wrote about that a   long time ago

Max’s eyes

When we were planning our Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam journey, I have to say that my biggest expectations concerned the last country on the list. I was hoping for great tastes, views, some exotic experiences. We also had the biggest number of days to spend in Vietnam. However, the reality verified our plans as well as expectations. As much as


Here we are! Vietnam is the third country we are visiting during this journey. It was supposed to be the fourth, but plans have changed along the way and we never got to Laos. Will it be the last country on our route? We will soon find out! We spent half of Saturday thinking about