You’re always asking us about Thai islands and beaches, which is why I thought it would be best if we kept you posted on what’s cool and what’s not that cool 🙂 Ko Pha Ngan was our first destination after we got used to a different time zone in Bangkok, enjoyed the colors and scents


Thailand. One of our favorite destinations, although we usually prefer places less obvious, less popular, less visited… But there’s something enduringly tempting and magnetising about Thailand, something addictive. The food, the views, the people… The climate that makes you want to come back after your first visit. It’s not the first time I’m writing about


In some places in the world, you easily find your place and feel great. In some it’s not that easy. You remember about those you like because of all sorts of things: their smell, flavour, sounds etc. A few years ago, me and my friend imbibed the smell of Spain when we arrived in Barcelona.


Since our first visit to Bangkok, Chinatown has remained out favourite spot in Thailand’s capital. When we’re here, we just can’t get enough of the flavours, fragrances and images since Chinatown is a real culinary paradise!. In our pictures, you can find local street food – juicy pomegranates, young coconuts from which we voraciously drink


Bangkok that’s lively, always jammed, full of skyscrapers but also shady corners, amazing beaches, backpacker’s North and obviously the FOOD, one of the most liked cuisines in the world, lately in particular in Warsaw, Poland. Thailand has long been a popular destination when it comes to exotic journeys. Also in Poland. We’ve grown tired with


Christmas is coming, we have plenty of work, no presents, no Christmas tree and our apartment needs cleaning. So, we’re completely unprepared… But we’re gradually getting it together, finalizing our professional tasks and slowly closing the subject of our Asian voyage – although we might come back to it several times in January. Today I’m


Cooking… is definitely not my thing, although I’d like to change it. Actually, I’d like to change it pretty often. Łukasz laughs at me because I’d like to do a million things, but WHEN??? However, I still want to do them and I believe that one day I will find the time, or maybe someone


You know what we’re really bad at? Planning our trips (even those long ones) in advance… Not because we don’t like or want it, but only because we always lack time. Especially now, that we have our own companies and a child… Before, we used have everything ready way ahead: all prepared, guidebooks read, books


We had planned to start our journey in Bangkok for few main reasons: first, we found a good connection, cheap and at a good hour, second, it’s a great starting point for a further journey to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and third, we visited Bangkok last year, so we could just focus on slow adaptation


We’re finally here, we landed, we got where we wanted to go! 🙂 Our journey was very long and, I have to admit, tiring 😉 5.5-hour flight + 2 hours waiting for another plane and then 6 hours in the air again — such set can be tiring even for the tough guys and despite