Barcelona… A dream, right? There must be many among you who assume that living in Barcelona is lighter and easier. Spain. A country which brings positive associations for most of us. Because it’s sunny, because the beaches on Costa Brava or Costa de la Luz run for kilometres, because the weather is always perfect. Because


Barcelona. It never was my favourite Spanish city but it still makes me smile wherever I come here. I don’t breathe here, I ingest. I don’t walk, I hover a few metres over ground enjoying the scent of the air, Spanish meals, the language which surrounds me, the walks by Barceloneta. Spain will always be


Are there any places you miss much more than others? Places that will always have a special place in your heart since you left part of your heart there? Spain is such a place in my case. A place, where I spent my student exchange, a place where my friends lived who I flew to


We already told you about the advantages of The Canary Islands! 🙂 Now we’re going to take you to each of the islands. But beware: it’s not going to be an in-depth analysis made by a person who knows the islands by heart – that’s not me:) We haven’t lived there for a year, not


Everyone visits The Canary Islands sooner or later… Why? It’s an ideal spot to go when the weather at home is cold, gray and ugly or when the spring is just starting and you need hot weather this very moment in order to recharge your batteries with the sun. It’s ideal because the weather there


In case you’re wondering – no, we’re not pregnant! 🙂 It’s just the season of autumn that makes me think about how we discovered that I was pregnant in 2010, exactly three years ago. I don’t remember the exact date I performed the pregnancy test, but looking at the calendar, I guess it must have


Have you ever eaten soap? 🙂 For a dessert in an elegant restaurant? We have tried it for the first time lately: in Madrid in a nice restaurant called La Antonita, located right next to a charming boutique hotel called Posada del Dragon. What this soap really is, what it’s made from and why soap


It’s one of my favourite cities and brings back joyous memories of the crowded and lively Gran Via, shopping in Spanish clothing giant – Inditex (shops such as Zara, Bershka or Stradivarius), a baguette with jamon serrano or patatas bravas eaten with my friends, delicious and perfect like nowhere else. Long walks and even longer


A short subjective guide on what to treat oneself to in the country of flamenco, corrida and sangria NOTE! The order of dishes is random and doesn’t mean those on the top of the list are better than the bottom ones, e.g. pintxos are better than paella or boquerones en vinagre – pintxos — Basque version of the Spanish tapas,


We’ve already finished our long and shorter voyages but the Spanish adventure is still here, feeling abandoned, forgotten, left aside and undescribed… Maybe, however, our dear Tossa de Mar and beloved Cadaques will forgive me, because a certain little boy has just turned 5 months (hooray!), a certain gentleman celebrated his 30th birthday, and a historical landing with a