Finally!!! We made it! 🙂 You just opened our sweetest culinary guide ever! Here you won’t find pizza, pasta, places for lunch or dinner, you won’t find shops with awesome Italian cured meat and aromatic cheeses – you will read about it next time. Now we’re taking you for ice cream. Loooots of ice cream


We’ve known for a very long time that you can fall head over heels in love with Italy. We were exploring the south during our first trip together in 2009. We fell in love with Positano, Amalfi Coast, Trani, Matera, Gallipoli’s surroundings and fishing Scilla, but we fell even more in love with Italian cuisine


Every day we get plenty of messages and questions from you. We love it and try to answer every single one inquiry we get. However sometimes we miss a few due to the hurry we’re in… The subjects of the messages differ depending on the season. In autumn and winter you ask for places for

Basque country

There’s a story about Positano Łukasz loves to tell. It’s 6 years old, only a little bit younger than our relationship. When we met in April we quickly learned we both like sightseeing, exploring, seeing new places and trying new flavours. He told me about a trip he and his best buddy took through Croatia


South of Italy is one of our first shared memories. The airport in Rome, a rented car, a trip to Naples and then a little bit further to the most beautiful place I know. South of Italy tastes like cold limoncello eaten on the beach, mozzarella on lemon leaves and prosciutto bought in a nearby


I simply adore Italian food! Pastas, pizzas, Italian cold cuts, cheeses… I could have a starter, or a desert always and anytime… I’ve never been bored with the local dishes during any of my trips to Italy, although, on the other hand, my longest visit lasted for mere 3 weeks. I’d love to go for


South Tyrol is very seductive. It tempts you with the gorgeous views, many skiing opportunities, its cuisine influenced by Italy and Alps. I must admit that every time I went skiing to Austria with my friends, I had dreamt of skiing in Italy because of the cuisine. And then I suspended these dreams because life


As our holidays start quite late this year (November is ours!) and the weather is quite holiday-friendly right now, I’ve decided to go back in time a little bit ant take you on a short culinary trip through south Italy. There we travelled  extensively, saw many great places and even managed to return to some


1st November is already long gone but with the time passing so fast… This year we decided to escape from all those depressing celebrations and “recharge out batteries” before winter. It’s best to do it in the sun. Or maybe under the sun… under the sun of Tuscany and Umbria, to be exact. So here


I don’t know how about you but I personally don’t know many people that would say ‘no’ to a delicious, thin Italian pizza, tasty pasta or a dessert such as tiramisu, panna cotta or profiteroles. Actually, I know just one such person and if one day she reads this, she will guess right away that I’m talking about