My first time in Budapest was in 2006 – I landed there on accident and in pretty funny circumstances. I was on my way back to Warsaw from a trip with my friend, and we arrived in Budapest because of fogs and problems with landing. And it didn’t happen just once, but twice! Our plane


In case you’re wondering – no, we’re not pregnant! 🙂 It’s just the season of autumn that makes me think about how we discovered that I was pregnant in 2010, exactly three years ago. I don’t remember the exact date I performed the pregnancy test, but looking at the calendar, I guess it must have


Long weekends… we all like them, right? In May, in June… soon we’ll probably include August as well! 🙂 I don’t have to say the obvious thing: that during long weekends it’s best to go on a trip. We all know it, right? 🙂 We always take advantage of long weekends and most of the


Baja. Ever since our first trip to Hungary in summer 2010, Łukasz has been telling me “We have to go to Baja! They serve the best halaszle there!”. Halaszle is a Hungarian fish soup. It’s made mainly of fish (usually carp), lots of paprika (the soup is quite spicy) and onion. From time to time you


Here we are in Hungary! An ideal destination for a long weekend car trip. Prices are affordable, the distance possible to do in one or two days (depending on the driver’s and car’s stamina). We already knew Hungary, mainly from our wine trips to  Eger and Tokaj. Last time, while I was pregnant and Maks was to be


So… Hungary this time! We often travel to Hungary for a weekend. Usually we go to Eger and we go by car (it’s best to sleep in Zakopane or Brno, depending on your liking of curvy mountain roads). We once tried a short plane trip to Budapest – LOT airlines offered a great connection –