Great thing about Greek cuisine is the fact that everybody will find something for them in it. Meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables – you just can’t do better than that! We already told you what to try and now it’s time to see where we liked the Greek cuisine the most! Crete has a lot to

At a resturant

There’s not that many places that we don’t want to get back to. Not that many that we can satisfy ourselves with after just one visit and not plan going there again. In most cases we feel hungry for more or leave something for the next time so we can get back there easier. That’s


Crete is one of the places where we expected some real culinary wonders. We dreamed of creamy feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, crispy calamares fritos (fried squid), saganaki with shrimps baked in tomato sauce, mussels in white wine or even simple Greek salad – the real, uncomplicated one, tasty and scented with summer. However, the food


Days on Crete pass slowly, but not as slowly as we would like them to pass.  After all , 7 days in one place is not that much, especially if you want to lie down for a while, spend some time on the beach, see some interesting places on the island and try local specialties.


Here we are! 3 days have passed faster than I thought! Much sunbathing, some travelling by car and… hunting for amazing beaches and Greek specialties. Contrary to popular belief it’s not that easy to find decent food here – I mean, Crete is a resort visited by millions and there is a tonne of food