Every day we get plenty of messages and questions from you. We love it and try to answer every single one inquiry we get. However sometimes we miss a few due to the hurry we’re in… The subjects of the messages differ depending on the season. In autumn and winter you ask for places for

Basque country

Germany – that’s where we’re going to spend this week. We got here early morning on Sunday and we have plans to explore the Middle Rhine and its attractions until Friday or Saturday. Germany… so close and yet so undervalued. Germany is still one of the not so sexy destinations. For most people it means


Local specialties are one of our favourite parts of travelling. But you probably already know that 🙂 We could never understand the English who, wherever they are – in Spain or in India, always choose English Breakfast. During our travels we want to taste some local specialties. That’s one of the reasons we started this


Last time I went to Hajnówka was probably about a “100 years ago”. It must have been 1994 or 1995 on a school trip. I don’t remember too much about it: singing Edyta Górniak’s “To nie ja byłam Ewą” song on the bus, a funny saying Kładka Żebra Żubra (a Polish tongue twister) and buying


Just recently I’ve written about Toruń and Copernicus Hotel. and told you that one of the reasons to visit Toruń and stay in Copernicus Hotel or at least go there for lunch or romantic dinner is the restaurant called Sfera by Sebastian Krauzowicz. Sfera is an amazing place both in terms of flavours and beautifully served dishes.


In case you’re wondering – no, we’re not pregnant! 🙂 It’s just the season of autumn that makes me think about how we discovered that I was pregnant in 2010, exactly three years ago. I don’t remember the exact date I performed the pregnancy test, but looking at the calendar, I guess it must have


Weekend trips in autumn can be a bit risky. Why? Well, if we decide to go somewhere and the weather is bad and it’s raining all the time, we might come back with a running nose and a sore throat. Unfortunately, this is what happened our last weekend… We had big plans: Toruń, a short


Copenhagen. We already know what to eat ans where to find tasty smørrebrød. We also know that you have to be careful with your money here. Today the most important stuff – what to do on a weekend in Copenhagen? What to see, how to move, where to go for a walk and where to relax? Shall


Prague. Have you been there? For us Prague is a sentimental journey, because that’s where we first travelled together. We took a car, slept in it at the petrol station, partied and walked back home through the streets of Old Town singing “When I’m dancing, the Earth dances with me… when I whistle, the wind

Czech Republic

You all know that we love eating 🙂 We eat everyday stuff and some more festive food. Usually out – on the one hand we like it, and on the other we don’t have too much time to cook something delicious at home in this fast-moving world. Where do we like to eat? I guess