Beer, Czech specialties, a visit to the brewery, beer, a walk through Plzen, more beer… that’s how your weekend looks like if you decide to go to beer festival in Czech Plzen in mid October! Better leave your child at home because even though Czechs often come with children, it’s mainly an adult attraction! We


Prague. Have you been there? For us Prague is a sentimental journey, because that’s where we first travelled together. We took a car, slept in it at the petrol station, partied and walked back home through the streets of Old Town singing “When I’m dancing, the Earth dances with me… when I whistle, the wind

Czech Republic

Smažený sýr, preferably with hranolky (chips) and tatarska omacka (Tatar sauce)… I guess most of us have some memories associated with all of it 🙂 For me, smažený sýr brings back memories of ski trips to Czech Republic or Slovakia and a prolonged break on the ski slope for smažený sýr and hranolky. It also