You already know that we love everything Asian… There’s not a week that goes by without Vietnamese soups or sandwiches, without Thai noodles or Chinese dishes. We could eat them forever and we would never get bored… Almost 🙂 Łukasz definitely loves what’s Vietnamese more, I am a worshipper of everything Thai. Yes, yes, when


Ko Lipe. The last destination on our trip, but not the last post from Thailand. The island we didn’t plan on visiting at first, but where we stayed for longer, being lazy and gaining strength to go back to Warsaw and to work. The first time we heard about Ko Lipe was on our first


Friday the 13th. We’ve been roaming around Thai islands and islets for almost two weeks. After a short start-up boot in Bangkok, which was necessary to feel Thailand, set a time on our clocks, get used to new time zone and soak in the scent of a huge city, we were on your way. Ko


We’ve been planning to go to Ko Ngai since our first moments on Ko Lanta, when it still wasn’t raining and the future looked colorful, almost cyan. My friend would always recommend it to me, our colleague that we met on Long Beach wanted to go there. We were dreaming of Ko Ngai when we


You’re always asking us about Thai islands and beaches, which is why I thought it would be best if we kept you posted on what’s cool and what’s not that cool 🙂 Ko Pha Ngan was our first destination after we got used to a different time zone in Bangkok, enjoyed the colors and scents


Our first flight with Jagódka is already behind us. Not even one, but two 🙂 At first it was 5 hours from Warsaw to Dubai, and on the next day – another 5 hours from Dubai to Bangkok. How was it? Honestly? Better than I had thought it would be! I guess I’d forgotten how

Max’s eyes

Do you know that amazing, absorbing feeling that you get while planning a journey? That moment when you click “buy tickets”, when you’re looking for some information on the Internet and when you’re walking around a bookstore to find a perfect guide. That moment when you’re counting down the days to your departure, planning the


Blue sky, the sun, warm touch of sand in the morning when you go out barefoot to welcome a new day. Nice room or maybe your own house? Lots of places perfectly planned for relax. Breakfast buffet where you’ll get nystagmus because of too many possibilities. Great food for dinner. Beautiful places where you can


This is one of those places that you see somewhere on the Internet, on Facebook, and you immediately know you want to go there. Beautiful interior, well finished down to the finest detail, interesting design, amazing rooms. You immediately know this is going to be a place where you can spend time nicely and that will give


Thailand. One of our favorite destinations, although we usually prefer places less obvious, less popular, less visited… But there’s something enduringly tempting and magnetising about Thailand, something addictive. The food, the views, the people… The climate that makes you want to come back after your first visit. It’s not the first time I’m writing about