It’s very easy to fall into a culinary trap in Zakopane… There are a lot of places where quantity and shafting clients are more important than quality. A lot of places where the staff almost throw your plates on your table to be faster, to get another client, where no deviation from the menu is


Mokotów. I think it’s one of the closest neighborhoods to me. I memorized every inch of it in my childhood, because Mokotów is where my grandmother has lived. We would visit her often in summer, especially when my cousin came from the United States. We had our trips to the stores on Puławska Street and


If we get a craving, it’s usually for Asian food… We feel like eating pad thai like in Bangkok, delicate dumplings dipped in hot sauce, too spicy Chinese or aromatic Indian food. In the mornings, Łukasz feels like eating Phở that he eats like they do it in Vietnam – for breakfast. I feel like eating


“What do you like to do in your spare time?”. What is your usual answer? 🙂 On my list of my favorite things to do there will always be “going out with my friends to grab some food”. I love lazy breakfasts on weekends, fast lunches with my girlfriends, sushi after work and looooong evenings


We’re going to Tricity convinced that it will be delicious! We have a list of our favorite places that we always come back to (HERE), but this time we feel like testing new things, experimenting and looking for what’s enchanting, new and for what we could recommend to anybody going to Tricity.   We keep


This is not going to be a comprehensive Wrocław cuisine guide. This isn’t even going to be a list of 10 best or most unique places on Wrocław’s culinary map. Having 1 and a half day to spend there and around 10-12 hours to walk around and see the town, you can’t really check out


Mussels are one of Łukasz’s biggest loves. I like them too, however not as obsessively as Łukasz and as long as there’s choice I go for other kinds of seafood. We all know that the best mussels are mussels in Bruges served with chips and Belgian beer, or mussels somewhere on a beach in Normandy


Ever since we opened DESEO on ul. Angorska 27, we started coming to Saska Kępa much more often. Every week we’re here 3 or 4 times and Łukasz usually comes every day. The consequences are easy to guess: that’s where we eat the most often now! We have pizza at OSP Saska Kępa on ul.


We got to Brasserie Warszawska quite accidentally. We had no plans for lunch, no plans at all to be honest. Usually in such situation we go to places we know that are much more ordinary and casual than Brasserie Warszawska. But this time this grim weather made us want to go and try something new


Almost exactly two years ago, in March we visited one of the most amazing places we have ever seen – Norwegian Lofoten – an archipelago of islands located on the north-western coast of Norway. Lofoten amaze with landscapes, mountainous terrain with mountains sticking out of the sea here and there – in March still covered