Waffles. Recently somebody has told me that they taste best at the sea… It’s true – waffles at the Polish sea are a classic and one of its clearest tastes and smells. Just like everybody else, we’ve been eating them for years anytime we’re there and no stay at the sea counts without eating a


Paris. One of the cities everybody ends up in at some point. Everybody has its own expectations regarding Paris and their own memories. Different, since it’s a city of thousand faces. For me, Paris is the city where I first got about 7 years ago on my way to a surfing trip in Basque Country


Bazar Kocha is a new place on ul. Mokotowska, close to pl. Zbawiciela. New but already quite hyped… cause the menu is intriguing, cause they serve cakes in jars (say what??). We wouldn’t be ourselves if we haven’t checked it out on a lazy Saturday. Lately, we’ve been focusing on places in Warsaw that specialise


There are places worth travelling to even a few hundred kilometres, only to pay a short visit and eat lunch or dinner. We know plenty of such places… Places, we love to return to, where we can always count on best food, places, we always leave amazed, places, we miss. Le Chalet in Murzasichle is


When we spend a weekend in Warsaw we always think hard how to make the best of it culinarily and socially. The best way to do so is by visiting new places with friends. Combined with problem-less time spent with your child, good weather and a bike, it makes a perfect day. Like yesterday! 🙂

At a resturant

Breakfasts in the city. A nice start of the day with a newspaper or with friends. In times “before Maks” or with little Maks that still did not leave his car seat, we used to go out for breakfasts on weekends quite often. Sometimes they lasted from 10 or 11 until lunch or dessert at

At a resturant

Gofiarnia has been on my “to visit” list for about a year now. When I first heard about it I wanted to go there in that very moment since I love waffles with unconditional love and I guess that won’t change ever. But I didn’t get there last summer, and the desire to eat waffles


Well I’ve been on working on Łukasz taking me there for a while. Look, look, I told him showing him Instagram pics. Look at this and that! Look 800 likes! And so I worked and worked and finally persuaded him to go to MR PANCAKE down in Powiśle on ul. Solec 50. Because I found


As we were brainstorming for an idea for a quick tasty Friday lunch, we though about Mamma Marietta, a tiny Italian restaurant on Wołoska St. It’s in our neighbourhood, but we haven’t been there since July!!! We decided that it’s been way too long and set off for lunch! Mamma Marietta is definitely one of


We wrote about the Thai restaurant  WHY THAI at Wiejska 13, near the Sejm (the Polish Parliament) a year ago… It was just after they’ve opened, the first stylish, elegant, marvellous Thai restaurant in Warsaw, perfect for a dinner for two, a meeting with friends, or for a business lunch. We’ve just returned from Thailand,

Dinner for two