Waffles. Recently somebody has told me that they taste best at the sea… It’s true – waffles at the Polish sea are a classic and one of its clearest tastes and smells. Just like everybody else, we’ve been eating them for years anytime we’re there and no stay at the sea counts without eating a


I’ve been thinking where to start for quite a while… Should I write about dreams first? Or that anything can happen? Or maybe about the fact that life can be surprising as hell and we should always keep our eyes peeled and accept surprises fate gives us with a smile and open arms because they


She called on Sunday. We were walking around Jaszczurówka, enjoying peace and quiet. She called and asked for… knodel. With fruits. In Warsaw. Where will she find such? Are knodel available somewhere at all? We gave it a thought because you can’t ignore a woman who is having a baby in a month time but


Paris. One of the cities everybody ends up in at some point. Everybody has its own expectations regarding Paris and their own memories. Different, since it’s a city of thousand faces. For me, Paris is the city where I first got about 7 years ago on my way to a surfing trip in Basque Country


Whenever we’re coming back to Warsaw from a short or long trip, we’re already equipped in a list of places that recently opened and that we absolutely have to visit. I like writing down new ideas for lunches, dinners or breakfasts while waiting for the moment to actually try the stuff! This time the desire


Bazar Kocha is a new place on ul. Mokotowska, close to pl. Zbawiciela. New but already quite hyped… cause the menu is intriguing, cause they serve cakes in jars (say what??). We wouldn’t be ourselves if we haven’t checked it out on a lazy Saturday. Lately, we’ve been focusing on places in Warsaw that specialise


There are places worth travelling to even a few hundred kilometres, only to pay a short visit and eat lunch or dinner. We know plenty of such places… Places, we love to return to, where we can always count on best food, places, we always leave amazed, places, we miss. Le Chalet in Murzasichle is


I’m in a constant search of cool places for parents in Warsaw, especially for moms with kids. The needs vary: sometimes it’s lunch with friends with lots of kids, different expectations, the will to spend an afternoon slow and with good food – like last Saturday – Kura Domowa or latelyVidelec are best choices for

Children friendly

1st September, white shirts, black skirts, the beginning of something new. School, kindergarten, nursery… Maks went to new kindergarten too, however there wasn’t much stress for him and us after 2 week long adaptation process. He started new, more mature life of a PRESCHOOLER. We on the other hand, accidentally came upon a new place


We went to Sopot on business. A few things to settle, not a lot of time since Warsaw wass waiting with grandma that needed to be relieved from looking after Maks. A bit tiring as so many kilometres drove in just one day often get you tired… But also, lots of good emotions. I still