Last week was madness… Constant changes of locations, unexpected adventures and turns of events, visiting home for just a few hours to repack the suitcases and continue the trip. Barcelona, Spanish tapas, stolen bikes, police, late plane and the return on Thursday night. 12 hours at home and here we go to attend See Bloggers.


We haven’t been to Mąka i Woda for a really loooong time.. It’s sort of our thing to avoid the super-popular spots and find our own instead. Also, Łukasz didn’t like something there once he visited the place and therefore we avoided Mąka i Woda even though we’re on ul. Chmielna a few times every


Uki Uki- Fabryka Makaronu Japońskiego (Japanese Noodles Factory) is one of those talked about places. People first talk about it as soon as it opens, then when it’s already there, about what you can it, is it worth it and how’s the service. We made our first attempt right after Easter, before our planned trip


We’re no Arab cuisine specialists but lately we’ve been loving hummus or babaghanoush for starters, as well as aubergines or courgettes which are quite popular in Arab cuisine. Lately, a Lebanese restaurant Meza Beirut opened on ul. Ordynacka 13. We had our Friday’s lunch there and then visited the place once again for a late


We’ve been thinking about eating something Greek for a while…It may not be our favourite cuisine and we may not be eating Greek stuff too often but it’s not because we don’t like it. We just like different cuisines more: Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, sushi and Spanish tapas (that’s me!). We rarely eat anything Greek,


Warsaw has lately been very generous to all foodies. More and more places emerge – restaurants, bars and tiny joints, and the ideas they have are more and more interesting! Nobody is surprised when dim sum bars pop out on the streets of Warsaw, even though the first one was only established in January 2014


When I first read about Tapas Gastrobar, that was opening on ul. Grzybowska in Warsaw, I already knew I have to be there. I only wondered why is it opening in Hilton… I thought that it was going to be a part of the hotel and tapas have nothing in common with fancy hotels. I


Thai cuisine. If you’ve been reading us for a while than you know that it’s one of our favourites and Thailand is one of our most beloved destinations. It amazed us in Autumn 2012 when we saw not only steaming Bangkok , but also colourful and quite magical North and the heavenly islands in the

Children friendly

Breakfasts in the city. A nice start of the day with a newspaper or with friends. In times “before Maks” or with little Maks that still did not leave his car seat, we used to go out for breakfasts on weekends quite often. Sometimes they lasted from 10 or 11 until lunch or dessert at

At a resturant

Well I’ve been on working on Łukasz taking me there for a while. Look, look, I told him showing him Instagram pics. Look at this and that! Look 800 likes! And so I worked and worked and finally persuaded him to go to MR PANCAKE down in Powiśle on ul. Solec 50. Because I found