I’ll be honest with you: there were a few times when we almost got to Senses. It was always around some important occasion, it was always us trying to book a table there and it was always us who were informed that there were not a single table available. We wanted to go there before


We love this feeling when we find an amazing place almost completely surprisingly, out of the blue. When you were not supposed to go there because there were other plans and you almost missed the place where they serve food made in heaven. That’s the case with Biały Królik in Gdynia. A place that’s absolutely


Soul Kitchen. Remember? Been there when Andrzej Polan was still around? We loved the place back when it was still in a charming backyard on ul. Noakowskiego right next to Technical University building. Polish food served in a modern way, clever flavour combinations, beautiful looking meals. We didn’t return too often since there’s not that


Last week was madness… Constant changes of locations, unexpected adventures and turns of events, visiting home for just a few hours to repack the suitcases and continue the trip. Barcelona, Spanish tapas, stolen bikes, police, late plane and the return on Thursday night. 12 hours at home and here we go to attend See Bloggers.


I got back from Poznań at night. A short business trip, 12 hours, all done in a hurry and we haven’t seen much apart from a part of ul. Półwiejska and familiar red brick of Old Brewery. But even though we only had 20 minutes x 2 to eat, we managed to eat something tasty


Last summer we fell in love with Ale Wino. It was love from the first sight. The kind of love that can only happen in the summer. Full of flavours, colours, fragrances and long evenings with a glass of wine we drank on their cosy patio hidden on one of the backyards of ul. Mokotowska.


We spent May 2014 and May 2013 in Caucasus… first in Georgia and then in Georgia and Armenia. Since then, we’ve been big fans of this destination and we try to encourage anybody who has plans to go there. Georgia has it all: amazing landscapes, highland villages, lively Tbilisi, welcoming citizens… and obviously THE FOOD!

Children friendly

I always loved romantic dinners for two. Who doesn’t? 🙂 They got their own charm as it is time spent only with your loved one. No friends, no kid, no anybody. I like when they’re long, calm and relaxing. Preferably at the end of the long week. Obviously in a nice place of some kind.

Dinner for two

My love for Warsaw is unconditional. It has always been my city and will stay this way. Streets that mean so much to me, thousands of memories and stills of my beloved city which I will always defend as well as chasing out strangers who come hre only to complain. Even if I leave at


Sometimes, when we go out for lunch or dinner, we’re feeling nostalgic. We miss the beautiful weather, green vineyards, walks on the streets of Budapest and crazy night trips to Egerszalok hot springs.   Hungary… We first got there together on some crazy trip on one Friday night. We had no plans for the weekend,