It really isn’t an easy job to surprise us when it comes to sushi. We must have eaten like hundreds of rolls in the weirdest versions possible. We also had the pleasure of meeting the most creative sushi masters, artists, miracle makers who amazed us with flavours and looks of their works of art –

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Everybody knows that it’s getting worse and worse in Zakopane. Culinary level is close to the bottom and nice inns where huge meat skewers used to be grilled over fire have been replaced with kebabs and eateries selling food for PLN 3 per 100g. It’s bad. Whole Krupówki street is pretty much the same –

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We spent May 2014 and May 2013 in Caucasus… first in Georgia and then in Georgia and Armenia. Since then, we’ve been big fans of this destination and we try to encourage anybody who has plans to go there. Georgia has it all: amazing landscapes, highland villages, lively Tbilisi, welcoming citizens… and obviously THE FOOD!

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Last Sunday, Łukasz’ partner called him in the morning and asked us a question that we often ask ourselves on weekend mornings: where can I have lunch with a child/children? Weekend, more time, family together. What’s next? Where to go? Especially if you have 3 boys and like to eat with friends? We started chatting

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When we spend a weekend in Warsaw we always think hard how to make the best of it culinarily and socially. The best way to do so is by visiting new places with friends. Combined with problem-less time spent with your child, good weather and a bike, it makes a perfect day. Like yesterday! 🙂

At a resturant

Thai cuisine. If you’ve been reading us for a while than you know that it’s one of our favourites and Thailand is one of our most beloved destinations. It amazed us in Autumn 2012 when we saw not only steaming Bangkok , but also colourful and quite magical North and the heavenly islands in the

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Breakfasts in the city. A nice start of the day with a newspaper or with friends. In times “before Maks” or with little Maks that still did not leave his car seat, we used to go out for breakfasts on weekends quite often. Sometimes they lasted from 10 or 11 until lunch or dessert at

At a resturant

Thai. New. In Warsaw. I heard that in the beginning of April and surprisingly decided to give it a try. Why “surprisingly”? Because after we spent November in Asia we got a bit bored with Thai cooking and switched to Vietnamese from Toan Pho on ul. Chmielna, Four Seasons on ul. Wilcza or “close and


A child in a restaurant. A few months old crying little one or a loud few years old fellow who runs around and brings others close to a heart condition. Or maybe a charming babbling little one or an energetic, friendly 4-year old? Well, it depends on your approach… especially in a restaurant. A lot

At a resturant

Sushi. You can love it or hate it.. I guess there aren’t many types of food that can divide people so much or on the other hand, join them 🙂 We are from the sushi-loving group. It’s been a constant flow of love for the last 6 years. How did it start? I remember it

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