I love lazy breakfasts in restaurants – I told you about it a million times. When Maks wasn’t born yet, we loved spending our weekend mornings in R20 in Powiśle. It doesn’t exist anymore, but we ate breakfasts, read newspapers and even grabbed lunches there. This is where we went for our first breakfast with


I’ll be honest with you: there were a few times when we almost got to Senses. It was always around some important occasion, it was always us trying to book a table there and it was always us who were informed that there were not a single table available. We wanted to go there before


Waffles. Recently somebody has told me that they taste best at the sea… It’s true – waffles at the Polish sea are a classic and one of its clearest tastes and smells. Just like everybody else, we’ve been eating them for years anytime we’re there and no stay at the sea counts without eating a


We’ve been taking Maks to restaurants almost since he was born. His first trip to get sushi was when he was one week old, his first breakfast out was when he was 10 days old and his first culinary trip across Poland was when he was 3 weeks old. When he was about three months

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So, we’re eating breakfast out once again and once again in in Powiśle. I wanted to go to Rozbrat20 ever since their Facebook profile started tempting me with different types of bread, baguettes and sweet bakings. What can I say – I’m not necessarily the best gluten-free diet person! Fresh bread with butter or olive


You already know that we like eating our breakfasts out. We like it at home too, especially lately, but a breakfast out in the city has its own charm, especially on Saturday on Sunday morning. We keep on looking for places for good breakfasts but I’ll be honest with you: not much manages to amaze


It really isn’t an easy job to surprise us when it comes to sushi. We must have eaten like hundreds of rolls in the weirdest versions possible. We also had the pleasure of meeting the most creative sushi masters, artists, miracle makers who amazed us with flavours and looks of their works of art –

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Eating together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. For me, eating is social thing. I love it and I always celebrate such meals. I love meeting for breakfast even if it means I have to get up earlier, meeting for lunches for a tiny and tasty piece of entertainment in good company during the working day, and


I’ve been thinking where to start for quite a while… Should I write about dreams first? Or that anything can happen? Or maybe about the fact that life can be surprising as hell and we should always keep our eyes peeled and accept surprises fate gives us with a smile and open arms because they


It seemed like a day when everything goes wrong. Once again I worked until 3 am the previous night and once again I didn’t hear the alarm clock in the morning. I woke up a few minutes before 9 am… Maks was still sleeping and I had to wake him up so that he’s on