I love lazy breakfasts in restaurants – I told you about it a million times. When Maks wasn’t born yet, we loved spending our weekend mornings in R20 in Powiśle. It doesn’t exist anymore, but we ate breakfasts, read newspapers and even grabbed lunches there. This is where we went for our first breakfast with


I’ll be honest with you: there were a few times when we almost got to Senses. It was always around some important occasion, it was always us trying to book a table there and it was always us who were informed that there were not a single table available. We wanted to go there before


Waffles. Recently somebody has told me that they taste best at the sea… It’s true – waffles at the Polish sea are a classic and one of its clearest tastes and smells. Just like everybody else, we’ve been eating them for years anytime we’re there and no stay at the sea counts without eating a


We’ve been taking Maks to restaurants almost since he was born. His first trip to get sushi was when he was one week old, his first breakfast out was when he was 10 days old and his first culinary trip across Poland was when he was 3 weeks old. When he was about three months

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It really isn’t an easy job to surprise us when it comes to sushi. We must have eaten like hundreds of rolls in the weirdest versions possible. We also had the pleasure of meeting the most creative sushi masters, artists, miracle makers who amazed us with flavours and looks of their works of art –

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Back in February when we returned to Warsaw from our great Asian trip, I met with my friend who lives in London. Like us, she likes travelling and eating and loves all sorts of tasty places. Therefore every time we meet we partly talk about restaurants we have to visit which have amazed or even


That’s exactly the kind of place that’s worth travelling to a different district of the city. Worth travelling a few or a dozen kilometres because it’s easy to find Italian food which is on every corner, Thai and Vietnamese is quite popular too but there’s simply no places like that! Our trip to Skamiejka on


We love this feeling when we find an amazing place almost completely surprisingly, out of the blue. When you were not supposed to go there because there were other plans and you almost missed the place where they serve food made in heaven. That’s the case with Biały Królik in Gdynia. A place that’s absolutely


I guess everybody who comes to Sopot and expects to find something more than a fried fish in a random bar, a waffle by the pier and do some trendy partying on Monciak boulevard must have heard about Bulaj. We also heard about it but I’ve never been there – there have always been so


It’s going to be one of those unplanned posts. An accidental visit, no camera, pictures taken with an iphone. We rarely do such posts since usually when we go ‘for a review’ we come fully equipped – camera, lens, often a lamp as well. This time we had no plans to write a review since