You don’t have a child. Everything seems so easy and obvious to you. You have your own ideas and expectations built on the bits and pieces of stories, books and movies. You don’t have a child but you’re a master of theory, right? On a plane you roll your eyes and curse at the parents

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Happiness. What is it anyway? Guess it’s something else for everybody. For me happiness is love, trips and seeing the world, for you it may be love, but mainly home, stabilisation and family. For Sophie it’s a dreamed-of career, an elegant suit and professional fulfilment, for someone else it’s life without limits and duties. They

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I met my friend for lunch. Just an ordinary, everyday lunch. No fancy culinary expectations. Location: Powiśle. Where do we go? She says: Maybe VEG Deli on ul. Radna? I say OK, heard about it, no expectations. If it says VEG it’s a vegetarian place. No problem with that. I’ll eat something small and light,

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Egoism 100% a maternity mistake   It’s a bit egoistic that you’re going to Asia, don’t you think? The child won’t remember anything and it may get ill!….   You only care about yourselves! You got a child now and you should stop thinking about parties and trips for two! I stayed all the time

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I have to admit that Poznań was a charming and impressive place to visit. It’s not like we didn’t know it. I’ve been to Poznań on numerous occasions and I usually only saw the railway station and the road on from the station to focusarium (for those feeling confused: a place where market research is

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Oh, how we dreamed about a trip without the child. A short holiday without a 4 year old volcano full of energy who stays in high performance mode from the early morning to the late evening, never sits down and never stops. Wakes up at 8 am and falls asleep at 11 pm. Who has

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Gdynia. First such cold afternoon this year, a Vietnamese lunch in surprisingly good Good Morning Vietnam and a magazine to make the time before the beloved spring rolls come pass faster. A hot brew of ginger and orange and ‘Wysokie Obcasy’ magazine. It used to be mine Saturday’s ritual, now it’s more like an accidental

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Good times. Moments worth remembering. Simple pleasures. Always underestimated, always forgotten, because we’re always waiting for something, something big, something huge, for something that will bring us (at least theoretically) huge joy and happiness. We’re waiting for the proposal and the wedding, for the child we dreamed of, for the loved one to return, and

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We spent autumn of 2013 in Asia – Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam and then finally some careless chill out in one of Phuket’s amazing resorts. Careless morning with palms view, blue sky and turquoise water. A swimming pool for kids, Nutella and coconut jam waffles for breakfast, pad thai for lunch. Idyllic. A perfect moment to

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June – a perfect month to plan your trip! There’s a good reason for the “Where are you going for vacation?” subject to come up every now and then during weekend walks, bike rips, hanging out on the playground and eating ice cream or having open air breakfasts. We search for the best offer, choose