When we first decided to take Maks for a long, foreign trip, all his grandmothers got terrified while our friends must have thought that we were mad. But no one could beat my grandmother. She visited me and tiny Maks when the community midwife was at our place checking how the 2-month old one is

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Days on Crete pass slowly, but not as slowly as we would like them to pass.  After all , 7 days in one place is not that much, especially if you want to lie down for a while, spend some time on the beach, see some interesting places on the island and try local specialties.


My last weekend was terrible. I didn’t sleep enough, worked a lot and couldn’t take advantage of the beautiful weather. Finally on Sunday I managed to do something for me! One day of the weekend is something you cherish much more than regular two days. You finally get rid of your chores and find some

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Packing. Is it a challenge? When I think about packing, I think about by grandma – I remember that before every trip to sanatorium, she made a list of things to pack, she geared up clothes and other necessities for many days, crossing out positions one by one. I don’t use lists because sometimes I

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