We’re not experts when it comes to child-friendly places and hotels. Maks has been traveling with us forever, since he was a 3 week old baby, so we are used to taking him wherever we go. When he was little, it wasn’t a problem – we needed a gondola for his pram and we could

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“Can you recommend some place to go to with a child???”. A child-friendly hotel. Pool. Playroom. Some place where you could walk, with things to do so that kids don’t get bored. It would be perfect if it was by the sea. You don’t even know how many questions like these we get! Especially now,

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Every day we get questions from you. Via e-mail, on Facebook wall or via Facebook messaging. You ask about various things… about your first trip with a child, about hotels on Crete, magical places in Poland where you could have your wedding, about Spanish tapas in Warsaw and Italian cuisine in Wrocław. We cannot always

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The conditions of our accommodation on this trip varied heavily. We’ve been on the road for the last 29 days, we changed countries and cities and stayed in 13 different hotels! In Dubai, Bangkok, Rangoon, Mandalay, Bagan, by Inle Lake, in Rangoon again, Jakarta, Bandung, Garut, Pangandaran and now in Yogyakarta. Sometimes just 1 night,

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Drifts of snow are already gone! Monday in Warsaw may have been a bit snowy but it seems that our winter will end with its beautiful, snowy and mountainous face we’ve seen in Wierchomla. Why? Well, we’re not planning experiencing winter any more this year… Maybe a bit during a ski trip in March 🙂

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you already know that lately, we fell in love with Bieszczady. It was amazing, magical and beautiful. We visited fantastic places, met people, we could talk a whole night with, even though we have just met, fell in love with Ursa Maior beer and the giant pancake

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What can I say, we like good hotels. We can sleep on a night train somewhere on a road to Armenia or in a room for PLN 40 somewhere in the Vietnamese mountains. We love Romek’s apartments for PLN 25 in Suwalszczyzna where the linen still feels like early 90s. But we also like some

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Summer, weekend, blue sky, temperature that’s safely oscillating around 26-28 degrees made us want to get out of Warsaw for the weekend. Not too far, pleasant, with friends who also have a child. We called a few places that we already knew, but all of them were fully booked until August or September. We already

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Finding a hotel suitable both for the children and the parents is not an easy job. Especially if you’re thinking about a bit of luxury, cosy rooms and delicious food. I know it, went through it and heard my friends’ stories. We usually skip the children-friendly part since Maks is already an experienced traveller and

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Hotel restaurants are a bit tricky. Usually they’re really expensive and not necessarily good. The food needs to correspond with diverse tastes of guests which sometimes makes it dull and mixed-up. What’s more, in cities such as Cracow, Wrocław or Toruń you can find a lot of restaurants covering various cuisines in the city; no

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