If we get a craving, it’s usually for Asian food… We feel like eating pad thai like in Bangkok, delicate dumplings dipped in hot sauce, too spicy Chinese or aromatic Indian food. In the mornings, Łukasz feels like eating Phở that he eats like they do it in Vietnam – for breakfast. I feel like eating


Wólka Kosowska… Chinese centre in Wólka Kosowska. Shopping halls. Have ever been there? Heard about it? I heard about Wólka about 8-10 years ago… A Chinese centre with lots of cheap clothes. When I was still a student, I went there hunting with my friends two or three times. We caught a bus headed towards


Whenever I think about Tricity, Gdynia turns out to be the place that brings fewest positive memories. Always overshadowed by party Sopot and postcard-like Gdańsk. It’s Gdańsk and Sopot I always hurry to. To walk through Monciak boardwalk, eat a waffle with whipped cream and blueberries on the pier, enjoy pad thai in Thai Thai,


Let’s leave London and its surroundings for a while. Don’t worry we’ll get back to it later on! 🙂 Today we’re going to travel back to Swiss Laax. We already wrote a bit about this place: about Swiss specialties (we LOVE raclette and fondue!) about going skiing with a 2 year old, and about Laax