You already know that we love everything Asian… There’s not a week that goes by without Vietnamese soups or sandwiches, without Thai noodles or Chinese dishes. We could eat them forever and we would never get bored… Almost 🙂 Łukasz definitely loves what’s Vietnamese more, I am a worshipper of everything Thai. Yes, yes, when


If we get a craving, it’s usually for Asian food… We feel like eating pad thai like in Bangkok, delicate dumplings dipped in hot sauce, too spicy Chinese or aromatic Indian food. In the mornings, Łukasz feels like eating Phở that he eats like they do it in Vietnam – for breakfast. I feel like eating


We fell in love with Thai cuisine even before we went to Thailand. It was 2010 and then 2011 when we had our first pad thai, satay chicken with creamy peanut sauce, Łukasz had red curry with beef and I loved Pad See Ew fried noodles with pork in Suparom Thaifood – a little barack


It’s going to be one of those unplanned posts. An accidental visit, no camera, pictures taken with an iphone. We rarely do such posts since usually when we go ‘for a review’ we come fully equipped – camera, lens, often a lamp as well. This time we had no plans to write a review since


There are places you hear about long before they open for good. You wait for such a place hoping to find miracles there along with culinary orgasms served with all the meals. That’s the case with Thaisty. New Thai food! On Bankowy Square (maybe we won’t have to go to Saska Kępa anymore??!!??)! And the


When we think of Thai cuisine, we often imagine food stalls in Bangkok or Chiang Rai, pad thai for PLN 2, little skewers grilled on a DIY fireplace. We see soups being poured into little plastic bags and fried donuts served with coconut sauce (delicious!) on the corner of a street in China Town. We


Pad thai, the national dish of Thailand has been our love for quite a while! I fell in love with it 4 years ago when I was pregnant and we occasionally ordered a takeaway from Suparom Thaifood, probably the only Thai restaurant in Warsaw then. Then we discovered Thai Thai in Sopot and wished we


We started looking forward to going to My’o’tai as soon as we heard about it after we got back from the Balkans. I love it that recently, every time we go somewhere for a week or two, new places emerge in Warsaw. Places that we are always eager to visit. That’s how it was with


We heard about Tu Thai a while ago. First, someone told us that there’s a new Thai place going to be open on ul. Chmielna, then, during our Balkan trip, our friends checked in at Tu Thai on ul. Chmielna 13 eating pad thai and duck soup. We asked how it was and decided to


Thai cuisine. If you’ve been reading us for a while than you know that it’s one of our favourites and Thailand is one of our most beloved destinations. It amazed us in Autumn 2012 when we saw not only steaming Bangkok , but also colourful and quite magical North and the heavenly islands in the

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