We first went to Tatarska Jurta in February 2013. The Supraśl area was covered in snow back then and we and our friend got stuck in a pile of snow with almost no GSM network and no ideas on how to get our car out of it. On Fridays night, our Tatar hosts helped us


Have you already started planning a trip to the “Tatar country” that I recently wrote about? If so, then treat this post as a quick guide… If not, I’ll try to convince you through your stomachs 🙂 Let me invite you to a Tatar lunch, dinner and obviously the dessert… You know that something sweet


Do you sometimes wish you could get away from alarm clocks, ringing telephones, e-mails and all that stuff? Is it even possible?… We managed to find a great place to unwind during last weekend. The place is called Kruszyniany and it’s a small town situated near Puszcza Knyszyńska, 50 km from Białystok and 3 km