We’ve been taking Maks to restaurants almost since he was born. His first trip to get sushi was when he was one week old, his first breakfast out was when he was 10 days old and his first culinary trip across Poland was when he was 3 weeks old. When he was about three months

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Ever since we opened DESEO on ul. Angorska 27, we started coming to Saska Kępa much more often. Every week we’re here 3 or 4 times and Łukasz usually comes every day. The consequences are easy to guess: that’s where we eat the most often now! We have pizza at OSP Saska Kępa on ul.


It really isn’t an easy job to surprise us when it comes to sushi. We must have eaten like hundreds of rolls in the weirdest versions possible. We also had the pleasure of meeting the most creative sushi masters, artists, miracle makers who amazed us with flavours and looks of their works of art –

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Sushi. You can love it or hate it.. I guess there aren’t many types of food that can divide people so much or on the other hand, join them 🙂 We are from the sushi-loving group. It’s been a constant flow of love for the last 6 years. How did it start? I remember it

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