Spain. One of my favorite places in the world. I always go there with happiness, I always absorb every moment, every taste, smell, every sound, every movie, every song. I love it for at least 35 different reasons that I wrote about HERE, although I think I could find many more. I spent a few


I just couldn’t miss a place like Mojo Picón. Spanish tapas keep having their charm and magic for me and can quickly teleport me to somewhere to Barcelona, Madrid or Basque San Sebastian. They bring sun, the scent of Spanish cities, squares full of life, conversations and laughter and streets that are loud and lively


I hate days like that. Days when instead of bringing you the good news and praising someplace I feel distaste, regret and have to share a poor, bad and 100% regrettable experience with you. It was on Friday. Sitting with my laptop in the morning I thought about where should I go for lunch. Someplace


We’ve been planning a visit to Tapas Bar Romesco for about a year now. Because it’s Spanish, because it serves classic tapas, the chef has some original ideas too and it has a Spanish vibe. But then we discovered Tapas Gastrobar and all our Spanish dreams came true. But lately Romesco started to ‘haunt’ us


I’m pretty confident that we wouldn’t have ended up in Casa Pablo, if it wasn’t for my beloved Tapas Gastrobar. We read somewhere that the owners also run a Spanish restaurant called Casa Pablo but we have never been there before, nor were we planning to go. I guess it kind of slipped us that


Are there any places you miss much more than others? Places that will always have a special place in your heart since you left part of your heart there? Spain is such a place in my case. A place, where I spent my student exchange, a place where my friends lived who I flew to


When I first read about Tapas Gastrobar, that was opening on ul. Grzybowska in Warsaw, I already knew I have to be there. I only wondered why is it opening in Hilton… I thought that it was going to be a part of the hotel and tapas have nothing in common with fancy hotels. I


Friday! One of two perfect days to go out with friends! For me however, Saturday was always the party day as I preferred to wind down on Friday, especially after a hard week. Anyway, weekend has started and apart from places to go for a romantic dinner or a family lunch, you’ll need somewhere to


There we go! Wednesday! Some call it “a little Saturday! 🙂 In times before Maks I often used to take advantage of this little Saturday, go out for a dinner, beer, party… or wine. Right now it’s hard to do it – working grandmas won’t take care of Maks in the middle of the week


A new tapas bar. On ul. Oboźna. Everything that has something to do with tapas, automatically interests me, thanks to my everlasting love for Spain 🙂 Anyone who spent more than a week or two during vacation in Spain knows what I’m talking about. Spanish flavours always remind me of the vibe of the country,