We’ve wanted it since we came here… We arrived in blogger conference Blog Conference Poznań on Saturday and we immediately knew we had to see what’s going on in Poznań when it comes to cuisine. Last year visit (HERE!) made us hungry for more and we discovered a few delicious and interesting places. We wanted


Zakopane. We’re here again. We came for 2.5 days to separate ourselves from the duties we have in Warsaw, breathe in fresh air and eat something tasty. Why in Zakopane??? Is it even possible? I mean ul. Krupówki have drowned in a swarm of eateries offering ‘food for PLN 3.5 for 100g’ a long time


In the end of last week, the nominations to the Restaurant of the Year 2015 award by Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper were announced. There are 5 restaurants on the list. We’ve got our own leader, however we decided not to make any decisions before we eat in all of the nominated places. Ale Wino is already


Zakopane. For years we’ve been coming here at least 2-3 times a year. Sometimes it’s an unhealthy fascination since Zakopane can be irritating – with poor gastronomy, omnipresent stands with Chinese rubbish, huge banners on ul. Krupówki, food sold ‘PLN 3.5 for 100 grams’. Despite that, we come back because we like moving away from


Soul Kitchen. Remember? Been there when Andrzej Polan was still around? We loved the place back when it was still in a charming backyard on ul. Noakowskiego right next to Technical University building. Polish food served in a modern way, clever flavour combinations, beautiful looking meals. We didn’t return too often since there’s not that


I got back from Poznań at night. A short business trip, 12 hours, all done in a hurry and we haven’t seen much apart from a part of ul. Półwiejska and familiar red brick of Old Brewery. But even though we only had 20 minutes x 2 to eat, we managed to eat something tasty


I already told you that will live on a culinary dessert more than once. I told friends and strangers about it hundreds of times, pointing out the pros and cons of our district. There’s no dozen restaurants and cafes next to our flat if you know what I mean. And you know where we went


We spent last weekend in Łódź. A weekend different than usual, the first of that kind. We went to Łódź to EAT. You might think: ‘As usual! You eat all the time!’ Our friends might say the same thing if they ever went somewhere with us and commented that ‘they’ve eaten more than during Christmas!’


We haven’t been to Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź for a while. To be honest, we just dropped by in the early stage of the place… It was in cold January 2014 and we decided to take our mothers – Maks’ grandmas – there for Grandma’s day. Quite empty at the time, Niedźwiedź turned out to be


Everybody knows that it’s getting worse and worse in Zakopane. Culinary level is close to the bottom and nice inns where huge meat skewers used to be grilled over fire have been replaced with kebabs and eateries selling food for PLN 3 per 100g. It’s bad. Whole Krupówki street is pretty much the same –

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