On Sunday I already mentioned that we managed to discover a new place to put on our list of magical places. It’s in Poland again. In the summer we rarely travel around the world because we love spontaneous weekend trips around Poland. Have a quick Friday, pack your things up, get Maks from the nursery


Last summer I wrote about “our” place in Suwalszczyzna: Żegary near Sejny and the Lithuanian border. I’ll write again, because this time we managed to try different specialties, visit different places and get a different perspective due to Maks being a 2-year-old curious little traveller instead of a calm little one 🙂 We still want


We had lots of fish before and now it’s time for a change — say hello to potatoes! The weather is not so hot anymore and a cepelinai or a potato pancake seems like a good idea… You know what a cepelinai is? I didn’t either until I visited Żegary and Sejny in 2009… It