It’s TODAY!!! 🙂 International Pizza Day! You have to eat pizza today or at least plan a visit to a pizzeria soon! We decided to commemorate this day with a special entry. An entry in which we will show you 9 places where you should eat pizza in Warsaw in our opinion. As usual, the


If you follow us on Facebook too you probably already know the beginning of this story. If not, then I will explain in Łukasz’ words, because it was him who put our impressions on the FB profile: ‘Imagine a day when you’re looking for restaurants to make a TOP 10 pizzas in Warsaw list and


I like that kind of places. You’re coming to have a quick lunch only, it turns out to be a great spot and you keep thinking how tasty it was for the next few days along with wondering when will you return. I visited a place like that on Monday. Lunch with a friend from


We heard about tiny Ciao a Tutti on the corner of ul. Wawelska and Niepodległości a while ago. Reportedly it’s a small place with pizza which can easily compete in the run for best pizza in Warsaw. And so I passed Ciao a Tutti on numerous occasions walking from home to city centre, watching it


We haven’t been to Mąka i Woda for a really loooong time.. It’s sort of our thing to avoid the super-popular spots and find our own instead. Also, Łukasz didn’t like something there once he visited the place and therefore we avoided Mąka i Woda even though we’re on ul. Chmielna a few times every


There are places worth travelling to even a few hundred kilometres, only to pay a short visit and eat lunch or dinner. We know plenty of such places… Places, we love to return to, where we can always count on best food, places, we always leave amazed, places, we miss. Le Chalet in Murzasichle is


We heard it many times that there’s a famous Italian restaurant run by Italians in Murzasichle. That they serve amazing pizza, and pasta and make you feel like you’re in Italy. People were telling us this every now and then. “You have to go there, the food is delicious!”. When our Italy-loving friends who have

At a resturant

Let’s leave London and its surroundings for a while. Don’t worry we’ll get back to it later on! 🙂 Today we’re going to travel back to Swiss Laax. We already wrote a bit about this place: about Swiss specialties (we LOVE raclette and fondue!) about going skiing with a 2 year old, and about Laax


As we were brainstorming for an idea for a quick tasty Friday lunch, we though about Mamma Marietta, a tiny Italian restaurant on Wołoska St. It’s in our neighbourhood, but we haven’t been there since July!!! We decided that it’s been way too long and set off for lunch! Mamma Marietta is definitely one of


South Tyrol is very seductive. It tempts you with the gorgeous views, many skiing opportunities, its cuisine influenced by Italy and Alps. I must admit that every time I went skiing to Austria with my friends, I had dreamt of skiing in Italy because of the cuisine. And then I suspended these dreams because life